Meghan Markle’s Eugenie story ‘will ring alarm bells for royals’, expert claims

Meghan Markle’s relationship with Princess Eugenie will have "alarm bells ringing" in the Royal Family, a royal commentator has claimed.

Meghan recently appeared on the Ellen show in the US, revealing that she used to drive a battered old car to auditions before she met Prince Harry.

The Duchess of Sussex also discussed some of her relationships with royal members, and shared the story of a time when she and Prince Harry went incognito in halloween costumes for a night out in Toronto with Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank.

Now, speaking on his YouTube channel, royal commentator Neil Sean has claimed that this admission will have worried The Firm, who hold reservations about private details being leaked to the media.

Looking back on Meghan’s chat show appearance, Neil suggested: “She was delighting fans allegedly with her insight into her brand-new ex-royal life – the halloween party, the car story that we’ve all heard before, things like that.

“As we know, Meghan then decided to describe her friendship with Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack, which goes back quite a long way, seemingly.

“But that really did trigger some alarm bells for senior members of the British monarchy over here.

“And this is the problem for Princess Eugenie because as we know, all senior royals of the British Royal Family are very nervous about anything getting out to Meghan and Harry.”

He continued, claiming: “People over here are very worried about what conversation could get out, and I don’t mean deliberately of course, it could be undeliberately… it may not even be Harry and Meghan.”

The royal commentator did not speculate about the type of details that might be leaked, or elaborate why Eugenie would share any private information with the Californian.

This comes as the Duchess’s appearance on US TV has come in for some criticism.

Her father – who has publicly decried his daughter’s continued estrangement – branded the episode a “stupid stunt” and claimed it was “embarassing for the royal family”.

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