Massive ten-metre Wotsit lands world record for longest puff corn snack

CRISP makers created a 10.66-metre Wotsit — and landed the world record for the longest puff corn snack.

Dubbed “Wotzilla”, the 250g cheesy beast had to be baked by hand as it was too long to fit into ovens at Walkers’ HQ in Leicester.

Eight staff took 2½ hours to make it to promote new Wotsits Giants crisps.

'Wotzilla'weighs the equivalent of 164 regular Wotsits Giants.

Wotsits Giants are twice the size of the normal size crisps.

The sharing bags come in two flavours – the original really cheesy taste as well as flamin' hot.

Each bag of the supersize corn puffs contain 130g, compared to 16.5g that are in a normal size pack, and is made up of between four and five servings.

Unfortunately, the crisps don't come in regular sizes and you won't be able to buy them in multi-packs either, so if you crack open a bag of the giant ones you'll have to share them.

If you end up scoffing them all yourself, it's probably worth noting that a whole bag contains 702 calories – that's more than a Big Mac from McDonald's, which contains 563 calories.

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