‘Martin Bashir responsible for Princess Diana’s death’, claims ex-security chief

BBC journalist Martin Bashir is responsible for Princess Diana's death, her brother's ex head of security claims.

Former British Army paratrooper and ex-US marine Alan Waller was Earl Spencer's head of security in the mid-1990s.

He claims Bashir, 57, framed him as in the pockets of the press and intelligence services to gain the princess's family's trust.

The journalist faces controversy over the actions he took to land the landmark 1995 Panorama interview where Di said there were "three" people in her marriage with Prince Charles.

Mr Waller has now accused the BBC of being "vicariously liable" for the behaviour of Bashir and his graphic designer turned whistle-blower Matt Wiessler prior to the princess's death in a Paris car crash in 1997, reports the Telegraph.

The letter reportedly states: "My client has very serious concerns that they have wrongfully used my client's personal information and/ or committed a criminal act, namely conspiracy to create an instrument of fraud."

It goes on: "Arguably the use of the instrument of fraud, the subsequent exposure and the longterm damage caused to the late Princess Diana and her immediate family is incalculable.

"My client considers that it is not just him that was significantly personally and professionally harmed by your employees or agents, but that the conduct ultimately led to the demise of Princess Diana."

Mr Waller, 57, told the Telegraph : "This man [Bashir] has become a multi-millionaire by using me. I am the fall guy.

"Bashir has effectively stolen my identity, stolen my banking information, and then used it to frame me as the fall guy.

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"That is exactly what he has done. He has framed me thinking I would never find out. It has had a devastating effect on me."

Bashir asked the BBC graphic artist to mock up bogus bank statements that purported to show two payments to Mr Waller from a newspaper and an off-shore company that looked like a front for MI5.

It is claimed he used the documents to persuade Earl Spencer his staff were spying on Diana so he could ultimately gain access to his sister.

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