Man finds tiny ‘mummy’ wrapped up and hidden in box under tree in graveyard

A man was baffled when he found a grim discovery upon a visit to a 144-year-old cemetery in Los Angeles, US.

Tarpit said he came to the Evergreen cemetery to pick up some sticks and wood chips to burn his kiln and he found a felled tree at the site.

He then showed his TikTok viewers what he found underneath the felled tree and many were stunned by the mystery item he spotted in a pit.

"Look what I found, okay so they felled this tree in the graveyard," he says in the video, before zooming in on the pit-like hole under the tree and showing a wooden box tied together with a string.

He picks up the box, which is about his palm's length, adding: "No part two, we're opening it right now.

"I can see something in there but it looks kind of gross."

He unties the knot and opens the box, revealing what appears to be a "wrapped up mummy".

Before the video ends, he places it back to its original place.

Many viewers shared their thoughts on the mysterious object and said it's best "not to touch" anything found in a graveyard.

One wrote: "You just opened black magic! Bad juju!"

"You took the binding off the box? Oh man, good luck," a second said but a third suggested it could be a carcass of a small animal: "Somebody buried their bird.

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"You can tell they loved it very much. You can see its legs."

Tarpit also agreed as he said: "It never crossed my mind it could be human remains.

"Letting it get mulched with the stump seemed fitting and fine. It seems more proportioned for a doll or bird, in my opinion.

"But I can totally go back and we can rebury somewhere it won't get disturbed."

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