M25 eco protest ringleader went on TWO epic globetrotting road trips

EXCLUSIVE: M25 protest ringleader has been on TWO epic globetrotting trips of at least 12,000 miles across Canada and Europe in just two years

  • Cameron Ford has been named as one of the most persistent protesters whose actions have repeatedly brought key roads to a standstill
  • The 31 year old carpenter spent four months touring Canada taking 8,500 mile return flights and travelling hundreds of miles to see the country
  • The environmentalist then bought an environmentally-unfriendly old diesel van  and used it to tour hundreds of miles around continental Europe with a girlfriend 
  • After returning from his second extended holiday he saw no contradiction in joining protests stopping other people from travelling  

One of the leading climate protesters who has repeatedly helped bring Britain’s roads to a standstill over the last month has himself enjoyed two epic carbon-generating international road trips in the previous two years.

Extinction Rebellion and Insulate Britain activist Cameron Ford was photographed on his 31st birthday being dragged away from blocking the M25 last month – one of several such protests he’s joined, frustrating tens of thousands of drivers.

But Mail Online can reveal that in the two years before his activism with breathtaking hypocrisy ringleader Ford has indulged himself not once but twice in lengthy trips abroad. 

When approached about his travels today Ford admitted he was a hypocrite but was unrepentant about his protests.  

Cameron Ford is a regular on the Insulate Britain protests that have blocked the M25

Cameron Ford has been named as one of the most persistent protesters in the spate of blockages of major motorways this year  

He went on a 10,000 mile four month trip across the Atlantic and around Canada – then just months later on a 2,000 mile plus jaunt across much of Europe in an old diesel van.

The fossil fuels burned and the resulting carbon emissions generated by Ford’s two trips would have been more than double the entire annual carbon footprint a single person in many countries produces in an entire year.

Yet no sooner had he returned from the second trip than he was lecturing others.

Ford drove his old diesel Citroen van all the way from Cambridgeshire to Poland 

The Buddhist and his female friend drove hundreds of miles in the old van despite its emissions

His incredible carbon-busting holiday marathon began in the autumn of 2019 as Ford embarked on a four month jaunt across Canada which involved a round trip of 8,500 miles in flights alone.

He then travelled extensively around Canada for 120 days, posting occasional updates of him having fun in Edmonton, ice swimming in a lake in Alberta, and later sledging in British Columbia. These are just the locations he posted about but they alone mean he must have travelled at least 1,500 miles within Canada too on top of his flights – taking the entire distance travelled over 10,000 miles.  

And regularly while he was enjoying this trip of a lifetime, despite its negative effects on the environment, Ford – apparently oblivious to the contradiction – was also regularly posting content promoting Extinction Rebellion and its twin pressure group Insulate Britain.

He took this trip despite research published just weeks before he embarked showing that just a single long-haul flight generates more carbon emissions than an average person in many poorer countries consumes in a whole year.

He finally returned to the UK in January 2020 but had only been back a matter of days when he began planning his next international trip – again apparently oblivious to the personal contributions to global warming this would inevitably cause.

On January 15 he was asking advice about what van to buy for his next trip. It’s not clear what he went on to spend but by August he had clearly not only bought a van but driven it many thousands of miles around continental Europe.

In an album he entitled ‘From Whittlesford to Warsaw’ on August 29 he posted 25 pictures showing himself and a female companion cavorting around a series of exotic locations during the previous weeks visibly enjoying themselves at each. 

Ford has tried to portray himself as a serious campaigner but sometimes he seems to fall short

The direct trip between the two places would involve a round trip of well over 1,500 miles driving – and it’s plain that Ford took many pleasure-driven deviations. This means he would have generated at least 380kilos of carbon.

Perhaps he used a modern low-emission vehicle? No – quite the contrary. The same “lovely little van” he used for the trip, a diesel-powered Citroen, he then offered for sale in January this year by which – no doubt boosted by Ford’s penchant for globe-trotting – it had an astonishing 145,000 miles on the clock.

Once back in England Ford then saw no contradiction in stopping other motorists – most of whom would have been driving much shorter distances with more compelling reasons than he just had – being able to move around.

Ford has been involved repeatedly in these blockades in recent weeks despite the danger to the lives of sick people stuck in jams, of crashes resulting from protesters rushing into moving traffic as well as the fumes the resulting traffic generate.

Contacted today by MailOnline, Ford accepted the hypocrisy of his globe-trotting, but claimed he’d recently seen the light and cut down on his air miles.

He said: ‘We’re all hypocrites. As soon as I found out about the environmental crisis I ramped that right down.’

However this is inconsistent with his own Facebook output which shows that he posted repeatedly about Extinction Rebellion and global warming before, during and after both trips.

Ford then attacked media scrutiny of his travels, saying:  ‘Let’s report on the climate crisis. We’re 95 per cent likely to miss the 2 Celsius global warming target – that’s what journalists need to focus on, not trying to demonise us people who are trying to save that eventuality.’ 

Ford, a carpenter and Buddhist from Whittlesford in Cambridgeshire, was identified by The Times last month as one of the XR movement’s most persistent activists

He was interviewed by a local paper last month about his activities when he told The Cambridge Independent: ‘I don’t feel very comfortable [blocking roads].

‘This is really unsettling. I’ve never blocked a road before. People are trying to get on with their everyday lives and I understand that’s the case.

‘This is hugely disruptive and no one wants their lives disrupted. That’s kind of why we’re doing this. Because if we don’t reduce carbon emissions, the climate and biodiversity crisis will be the ultimate disruption.

Ford’s van had 140,000 miles on its clock making it among the worst polluting vehicles 

Ford enjoyed the delights of Canada but his trip itself contributed to the ice caps melting 

‘Usually when you take any journey you will have to sit in traffic, and this is one of the most valuable reasons to sit in traffic.’

Mail Online told earlier this week how Insulate Britain leader Roger Hallam – who caused outrage when he said protests should continue even if they cause death – is a hyprocrite with a fleet of old diesel vehicles on his Welsh farm

And earlier this year we revealed how Extinction Rebellion co-founder Dr Gail Bradbrook, 49 drives an old diesel car for short trips rather than use local buses

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