Lotto’s unluckiest players including man who lost £113m winning ticket

We've all felt it. The numbers on the screen are agonisingly close, but they don't quite line up.

For frequent lottery players, this is just part of the game. It makes winning even sweeter.

But some have got even closer to a massive payoff, with the winning ticket lost in a washing machine, accidentally thrown away or even not correctly purchased in the first place.

But you never know, you might just have the winning ticket already.

Here are some of the most unbelievable lottery near-misses – and the unluckiest near-winners.

Couple's low funds cost them £182m

Earlier this year a 19-year-old girl and her 21-year-old boyfriend thought they'd won a whopping £182m in the EuroMillions jackpot.

Rachel Kennedy received a notification from the lottery app to congratulate her on her Winning Match, amd phoned her mum and boyfriend to share the amazing news.

But it soon became apparent the ticket was never purchased because Rachel didn't have enough money in her account to buy it. The student was told by Camelot they had a winning match, but as the purchase didn't go through they didn't win.

Boyfriend Liam McCrochan told The Sun: "I was absolutely heartbroken. I was already picturing our dream house and the dream car. I think I was getting a bit carried away to be fair."

A Camelot spokesperson issued a statement after the epic near-miss: "We're aware of Rachel's story and hope she gets in early to buy a ticket for the next big daw.

"We have a £20m Must Be Won Lotto jackpot up for grabs on Saturday, so wish her the best of luck in that or any future draws."

In order words, tough luck.

'My husband lost our £113m ticket'

Always keep a tight grip on a lottery ticket – even if it means hiding it from your loved ones.

That was the lesson one Coventry woman learned the hard way when her husband chucked away a winning ticket worth over £100m in 2010.

The woman, who preferred to remain anonymous, told The Daily Express she will never give him a ticket ever again.

"I’ve turned the house upside down. I’ve looked in his pockets and in my bag and everywhere.

"He loses everything I give him. Only last night I found a lottery ticket that had won £10 in the bin.

“I was so angry at first but there’s no point. I couldn’t be angry with him now. My whole life is taken up with him.”

Lad missed out on £156m by one number

Losing a winning ticket worth tens of millions or possibly even more is one thing, but having the ticket in your hand and it being unbearably close to a big one is quite another.

In February this year a Clydebank youngster was just a digit away from a gigantic payoff in the EuroMillions, and took home just £666.

Engineer Aidan Murray told The Mirror he was "shaking" when the numbers were announced.

He told The Mirror he sprinted inside to show his parents how close he got.

But he splashed out on a Chinese takeaway to treat the family, presumably making a small dent in the final winnings.

Woman's £18m winning ticket 'destroyed in washing machine'

Then there's the case of the unidentified woman whose winning match ticket worth $26m (£18.4m) went into the washing machine with her trousers.

The LA resident saw the winning numbers come out just 10 days ago, but realised her ticket had been wrecked in the machine.

A worker at the corner shop where the winning ticket was bought said they saw her, but she'll need harder evidence than that to claim the annual prize money.

If the money does go unclaimed, it will be given to California schools.

The store where the ticket was purchased will also get a bonus worth £92,000.

One number away from £92m, punter keeps just £2k

Winning £2,000 in the lottery would be brilliant news to most people, but for 27-year-old Adam Prestwick it was an atrocious near-miss.

The Manchester lottery player was just a single number away from taking home the whole hog, going viral on Facebook in the process.

He told The Sun: "I’ve never been so gutted to win £2,000.

“I’m disappointed, and I’m not. It will take a long time to get over but I’m grateful for what I did win.

"It was just one of those things. There’s always tomorrow.”

Life 'destroyed' by agonising near-miss

Birkenhead player Ian Galtress watched in sheer agony as the TV presenter asked for a Wirral winner to come forward.

He knew his winning tickets were worth £1m, but had lost the other ticket needed to claim the prize.

Iain, 47, told the Liverpool Echo the March 2014 miss caused a depressive spiral he never came back from.

"It’s ruined my life. I’ve lost lots of weight. I’m not sleeping because of the anxiety in me," he said.

"I’ve got this permanent feeling of anxiety and nervousness in my stomach – I just can’t switch off.

"I feel like I have been ripped off, robbed, or kicked to the curb. I just want to rebuild my life.""

The heroin addict admitted to a series of thefts and went to prison, and tragically took his own life at HMP Liverpool in 2018.

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