Lokum the cat smacks naughty dog Prens on head for digging at sofa

Claw enforcement! Lokum the cat smacks naughty dog Prens on the head when he starts digging at sofa

  • In a video, Lokum raises his paw as a warning to Prens before striking his head
  • Prens ignores the warning, earning further blows as Lokum starts hissing too
  • Owners, from Ankara, Turkey, say Lokum is often training Prens to be better dog

This is the hilarious moment a cat tells the naughty family dog off for attempting to dig up the sofa. 

In a video shared online, the black and white feline, named Lokum, can be seen staring at the mutt as it scratches the soft pink settee and attempts to chew it. 

Viewing the dog from the floor below the sofa, the cat can be seen raising one of his paws, seemingly as a warning. 

Lokum the cat strikes his furry housemate Prens on the head after watching him dig at the sofa at their home in Ankara, Turkey

The moment Lokum the cat first observes as naughty pup Prens digs at the sofa

Lokum raises his right paw, causing Prens to stop his assault on the settee for a brief moment

Prens continues to dig, causing Lokum to jump up and strike him twice over the head 

The dog, named Prens, freezes for a moment before continuing to dig. 

Lokum then pounces up at his furry housemate and hits him twice over the head. 

He retreats to the coffee table and stares at the dog, who after pausing for a moment yet again begins gnawing at the sofa. 

Lokum jumps at him once more and lands another couple of blows to the head – this time while hissing. 

The hilarious moment was captured in Ankara, Turkey, last month. 

The owner of the animals said Lokum often acts as Prens’s trainer because the dog is a ‘little naughty’.   

They said: ‘Our cat’s name is Lokum, our dog’s name is Prens. 

‘Lokum is a very good cat, but Prens is a little naughty. 

‘That’s why he trains him to be good. Prens is now a very good dog thanks to him.’

If they didn’t have Lokum to keep Prens in line, they might have come home to a torn up sofa – much like dalmatian owner Bethany-Jayne Livesey in Lancashire last week. 

In a video she shared online, six-month old puppy Percy makes puppy eyes at his owner as she quickly discovers he has trashed her £2,000 living room sofa.   

Through stifled laughter, the customer care administrator asks the guilty-looking pup: ‘Who’s done this?’ 

‘No one’s going to be sitting on this sofa anytime soon,’ she adds.  

Percy – who had previously ruined three cushions and a rug – stays by the door and gives his owner ‘the cute eyes’ before sheepishly walking back to his pen. 

But Bethany could not stay mad at him, adding: ‘Hopefully this is the worst of it and he doesn’t get up to too much mischief in the future when the house is newly decorated.

‘He’s the quirkiest, funniest dog with so many strange habits and he’s definitely lived up to the cheeky dalmatian name.’

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