Leopard steals hyena's dinner in the Kruger National Park

Leopard has the last laugh when it steals hungry hyena’s dinner from right under its nose

  • Talithan and Alex Jansen Van Rensburg were on honeymoon at a safari park
  • They were filming a hyena eating an antelope in the Kruger National Park 
  • The hyena was unaware of the approaching leopard who stole the carcass
  • The leopard dragged the antelope up a tree where it enjoyed its illicit meal 

A leopard was filmed stealing food from a hyena after stalking its rival in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. 

In footage filmed earlier this month, Talithan and Alex Jansen Van Rensburg were enjoying their honeymoon when they saw the situation develop. 

The hyena was feasting upon the carcass of an antelope and was unaware about the approaching leopard. 

The leopard grabbed the antelope and scuttled up a nearby tree, out of the reach of the hyena. 

Mr Jansen Van Rensburg, who works as a tour guide in the park, said: ‘The leopard definitely had the last laugh in this case. Even though hyenas are renowned for their laughing call.’

The dramatic footage was filmed by Talithan and Alex Jansen Van Rensburg were enjoying their honeymoon when they saw the situation develop.

The hyena was hidden in the scrub but not well enough to avoid the attention of the leopard

The leopard grabbed part of the antelope carcass and ran off with its illicit snack

His new wife, Mrs Janswen Van Rensburg, 27, who is a former flight attendant, added: ‘From experience we thought the chances of the leopard claiming the kill was extremely low. 

‘We thought it was waiting for an opportunity to take what was left of the kill. 

‘It felt like a sighting of a lifetime, it was unbelievable and very rare.’ 

 Hyenas are renowned in folklore for their devilish giggle, and are beloved as the naughty scavengers in Disney film ‘The Lion King’. But in reality the curious creature’s high pitch vocalisation is only reserved for times when the hyena feels threatened or frustrated. 

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The leopard hid up a tree with the stolen food, out of reach of the hyena 

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