Lad of the Manor got DNA from estranged dad's corpse to prove he was his heir

‘LAD of the Manor’ Jordan Adlard-Rogers told how he dashed to get DNA from his estranged father’s corpse to prove he was the rightful heir to his estate.

Last week The Sun told how Jordan, 31 inherited the £50 million Penrose Estate in Cornwall after finally being able to prove that he was the son of Charles Rogers who died last year.

Charles, 62 was a drug addict who had refused to have a DNA test – even though he had a one-night-stand with Jordan’s mum Julie, who ran away with travellers.

But he told how one of his cousins refused to allow him to get the test done from his corpse – insisting he be cremated as soon as possible.

Last August from the Penrose estate manager, Philip Care, told Jordan he needed to act fast.

Jordan said: “I didn’t want to rush to do anything. It seemed disrespectful. But Philip stressed I had to move urgently.


“I knew I needed to do it for me and for my baby who had a right to know his family.”

But one of the cousins decided to challenge him, forcing him to get a Parental declaration before Charles was cremated.

He added: “I understood their reasons and don’t bear any grudge but it was gutting.

“Worst of all, they said they wanted their cousin — my dad — to be cremated as quickly as possible. I was so stressed I couldn’t sleep."

My last chance of discovering the truth was slipping away

Then — almost two weeks after Charles died — his mother, Angela, Jordan’s paternal grandmother also died, aged 92 and relatives demanded that both mother and son should be cremated urgently.

Jordan said: “Philip rang to tell me they had even set a date for the cremation.

“My last chance of discovering the truth was slipping away.”

He managed to get the sample with just days to spare which proved that he was Charles’ son.


He added: “It was such a relief but also incredibly sad. I had gained and lost my dad and my nan.”

The former carer – who has quit working – said he was in a “daze” when he first walked into the 20 bedroom house he inherited – which comes with a £100,000 allowance.

But he was heartbroken when he saw a portrait of his father who is the spitting image of him.

Describing when he first saw it, Jordan said: “‘It was upsetting.

“I looked at that and thought: ‘Dad, how could you not have seen I’m your son?’”

He’s now renovating parts of the house, with a 65in TV in his games room, while also setting up a nursery for his new born son Joshua, he had with partner Katie Hubber, 30.

He also plans to have a portrait of himself added to the families collection.

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