Labour slam courts' backlog with over 500 violent crime or sexual abuse victims waiting two or more years before cases

OVER 500 violent crime or sexual abuse victims have been waiting two or more years before court cases, stats show.

Nearly 2,000 victims of all offences have been waiting over 24 months.

The Ministry of Justice data comes as Labour offer up a four-point plan to tackle crime, centred around tougher sentences for rapists and murders.

They also want to see more funding for the criminal justice system, improved working between police and prosecutors and better support for victims.

Labour’s figures show a huge spike in waiting times for court cases in the most serious cases over the past year.

In early 2020, there were 430 waiting to go in front of judges, but latest numbers show 1,882 have not been heard two years after the crime was committed. And 516 are for violent or sexual offences, up from 61 last year.

Shadow justice secretary David Lammy said: “The Tories have cut the justice system to the bone and left the victims of crime in limbo for years as a result.”

But the Ministry of Justice pointed to the impact of lockdowns and said backlogs were being cut.

A spokesperson said: “The impact of the pandemic was vast and unprecedented but we are making good progress to restore the swift access to justice that victims deserve.”

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