Killer told girlfriend 'you can't breathe and can't move' in chilling taunts just hours before she died in 'sex game'

A MAN who killed his girlfriend in an alleged sex game gone wrong was caught on camera telling her "you can't breathe" hours before she died.

Claire Wright, 38, was tied up by boyfriend Warren Martin Coulton, 52, who put a sock in her mouth during the bondage session at a luxury lodge.

He fell asleep as the mum-of-two suffocated during the horror at Herons Lake Retreat in Flintshire on July 16, 2018.

Coulton was yesterday caged for six years after being convicted of manslaughter by gross negligence.

Ms Wright's daughter told the court her "childhood has been ruined forever" in a heartbreaking victim impact statement.

Mold Crown Court was told chilling footage of the couple's stay at the lodge was found on their camcorder.

It showed Coulton taunting Claire as she struggled to breathe shortly before she died.


The footage showed Claire in a red catsuit, with her hands tied behind her back and “dancing”.

In one clip, she said she didn’t want a hood put on her because it scared her, the court was told.

Prosecutor Caroline Rees QC said: “Chillingly, in the light of what was to happen (later that night) the defendant (Coulton) can be heard to say ‘You can’t breathe and you can’t move – just how I like it'."

Then Coulton allegedly said: “You carrying on with your dying stuff, it really puts a f****** dampener on my w****”.

Operations manager Coulton, who was 12 years older than Claire, was said to be the "dominant" partner.

Chillingly, in the light of what was to happen (later that night) the defendant (Coulton) can be heard to say ‘You can’t breathe and you can’t move – just how I like it.

After taking drugs and drinking, he tied Claire up and put the sock in her mouth – although it was not clear if he had taped it.

But he fell asleep and later fled the scene when he woke up to find her dead.

The couple had bad brought ties, red tape, white tape and gloves for bondage sessions at the luxury lodge, the court was told.

Ms Rees said: "Restraint and bondage were part of this couple’s sex life. The defendant took gratification from pushing the boundaries of the former.


Women’s Aid has this advice for victims and their families:

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“The couple had engaged in sexual activity involving the use of restraints on Claire Wright that night.”

The morning after Claire died, Coulton is said to have texted Herons Lodge from her phone to book another night's stay.

A member of staff later saw Coulton driving off before workers found her lifeless body.

Ms Rees QC said of Coulton: “He left her gagged and restrained.

"He was her only safety net and he knew it but he did not care, exposing her to the obvious risk of asphyxia.”


Claire's grief-stricken family read out victim impact statements following the guilty verdict.

Her daughter McKenzie, 15, told Mold Crown Court: "My mum was so important to me. She was a bubbly character – full of life and energy."

She added: "Nothing in life makes me truly happy anymore. My childhood has been ruined forever.

"My life is so empty without my Mum."

I wanted to see her likeness in my children but I will never get to do that

The heartbroken teenager said she feels "survivor's guilt", and added: "Most people see their mum growing old.

"I wanted to see her likeness in my children but I will never get to do that."

Claire's body was discovered by a member of staff at the retreat, with a cause of death given as asphyxia.

The court was told Coulton's duty of care towards his partner of five years which was so “exceptionally bad” that it deserved a “criminal sanction".

Sentencing, Mr Justice Simon Picken said there was doubt over whether Claire's mouth had been taped up.

He added: "Either way, you were negligent and grossly so.

"It was your choice to drink to excess and take drugs.

"You did not have to do these things (but they have had) disastrous consequences."

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