John Stones eyes new career dealing in 80s cars – like Arthur Daley in Minder

England football star John Stones fancies himself as a future Arthur Daley with his love of buying and selling Eighties motors.

And just like the character from classic TV comedy Minder, the Manchester City defender dreams of running his own car lot.

The car-mad Premier League ace, 26, can boast a £265,000 Rolls-Royce and £157,000 Mercedes SLS as part of his collection.

But it’s his eye for a bargain Ford Escort XR3 or Sierra Cosworth which really gets him out of his seat.

Stones also remains a fan of the classic 1978 Mini he regularly drives to training, much to the continued amusement of his team-mates in Pep Guardiola’s squad.

A source said: “There is a huge market for ‘show’ cars from the 1980s and Stonesy has a very good eye for picking up a bargain or something which represents a longer-term investment.

"An immaculate Escort XR3, Mini or Cosworth can be worth as much as £20,000 to the right collector, so there is fierce competition to go with it.

“John grew up loving retro motors and has joked how he fancies becoming a car dealer when he does finish playing.

“All he needs is a sheepskin coat to complete the look,” added our source.

Stones earns a reported salary of £100,000 per week and has earned plaudits for his displays this football season.

The defender is poised to pick up another Premier League title-winning medal with City in the next few weeks.

Our source went on: “John knows his stuff and what he likes.

“Show him a classic Mini or Ford Sierra and you might as well be talking about a Ferrari F40.”

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