‘Hero’ Ukraine patrol dogs gear up as US sends canine bulletproof vests

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The canines were given protective armour by the US, according to NEXTA.  The Eastern European media outlet tweeted: “#Ukrainian border patrol dogs received bulletproof vests from the US.”

In response to the tweet, @pransukh37 wrote: “These guys are heroes in my eyes.”

Dogs have played their own part in the Ukrainian efforts to resist the Russian invasion and have garnered praise by military chiefs for their contributions.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry posted an update on the war effort in late March, and introduced a canine “special forces officer” with the name of Lord.

According to its Twitter feed, the canine military officer has 18 months’ experience under his collar.

It posted: “For a year and a half he has been serving for the special unit of the National Police in Khmelnytskyi region with his friend Roman.”

In the pictures, Lord poses in a bulletproof vest and has a camera secured on top of his head.

Also receiving his fair share of social media attention was Patron, a Jack Russell terrier working on operations with the bomb squad for a number of years.

Specialising in sniffing out hidden mines, he has reportedly discovered almost 100 potentially deadly explosive devices.

Hailed as the “heart and soul of the Chernihiv pyrotechnic team”, Patron was recognised by the Ukrainian news outlet Euromaidan Press.

The organisation tweeted, alongside a photo of the brave pup: “Patron hard at work!

“Meet Patron (Cartridge), 2y.o pyrotechnic detection dog, the heart & soul of the Chernihiv pyrotechnic team.

“Patron accompanies them everywhere.

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“He loves cheese, so our guys sometimes give him a special treat.”

Patron was also given a shout-out on the official Facebook page of State Emergency Service Of Ukraine, with a rousing message of “don’t give up!”.

The post continued: “He came from Chernihiv, where he helps his owner every day in the fight against the dangerous consequences of military actions.

“The little dog, which has already become a true symbol of fighting the giant Kremlin murder machine, has travelled several hundred miles and met those who are just as desperately in need of support during this scary time”.

The post continued: “The war will surely end and every boy and girl who can finally walk freely in their beloved streets should know that the enemy has left behind many insidious “gifts”

“And we remind you: Great heroes are not necessarily big, but explosive objects are necessarily dangerous.”

The post ended on a light-hearted note, adding: “Remember! Every time you don’t follow the rules of safe behaviour with explosive objects – somewhere in Chernihiv region one Patron is upset.”

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