Hatton Garden raider 'Basil the Ghost' has paid back just £2k of £6million owed

A HATTON Garden raider nicknamed Basil the Ghost has paid just £2,381 of a near-£6million confiscation order.

It means alarm expert Michael Seed, 61, faces six and a half years in jail on top of his ten-year term for his part in the 2015 £14million heist, Britain’s biggest burglary.

His measly payback was described by David Spencer, of the Centre for Crime Prevention group, as “an insult to victims and police”.

He added: “It is absolutely right he faces further time behind bars.”

Others in his ageing gang, dubbed the “diamond wheezers”, have also paid back just small fractions of money they owed.

Two have already had jail terms extended.

Police believe at least £10 million stolen in the Easter 2015 safe deposit centre raid is still outstanding.

Nottingham University physics and electronics graduate Seed had previously been jailed for three years for supplying LSD and cannabis to friend in 1984, 13 years before the National DNA Database was set up.

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