Girl, 2, dies after being left in hot car for 7 hours after woman got distracted

A Florida woman has been arrested after leaving a two-year-old girl in a scorching hot car for seven hours when she should have been taking her to daycare.

43-year-old Juana Perez-Domingo was booked into jail on Saturday morning after being accused of leaving the tragic young victim strapped in with a seatbelt inside a van in Miami's sweltering temperatures.

According to jail records, Perez-Domingo has since been charged with the aggravated manslaughter of a child.

The tragic two-year-old girl has been identified as Joselyn Maritza Méndez by family and friends, NBC Miami reports.

Police said the woman was responsible for transporting children in the neighbourhood to daycare.

On Friday, she had been paid to take Joselyn to a daycare centre in Homestead, Florida, but instead took the child to her own house after picking her up at 6.30am because the daycare wasn't open yet.

At 8am, Perez-Domingo, who was found to have no driving license, strapped the little girl into the third row of her Toyota Sienna minivan without a child's seat.

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She was about to take her to her daycare centre when she "got distracted" and went back inside her house.

The victim was then left to swelter in soaring temperatures of over 30 degrees celsius in the van, which was never turned on.

Perez-Domingo went back to the van seven hours later at about 3pm and found the child dead.

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She then contacted the child's mother and "advised her that the victim had died" instead of telephoning emergency services, according to police.

After the horrifying discovery, Perez-Domingo drove the child's body back to her family's house.

A post-mortem examination was scheduled to take place on the child on Saturday.

Perez-Domingo's bond was set at $50,000 (£36k), and no attorney has been listed for the suspect.

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