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GHISLAINE Maxwell has won a last-minute bid to keep "highly intrusive" court documents sealed.

The potentially explosive files will remain firmly shut until September.

It comes after a previous bid from Maxwell and her legal team to keep them secret was rejected.

Some of the files have already been released.

The former socialite has successfully prevented the release of the final papers from a 2015 lawsuit that related to her sex life and relationship with dead paedo pal Jeffrey Epstein and his associates.

Maxwell has pleaded not guilty to trafficking minors for sex in the 1990s when she was close friends with Epstein.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that former US President Bill Clinton had his own private villa on Epstein's island – often dubbed 'Paedo Island'.

Among the unsealed documents, Epstein and Prince Andrew accuser Virginia Giuffre claimed that he flew in with two "young girls" and stay away from the main house – but has not implicated the now-73-year-old in any wrongdoing.

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    Prince Andrew has been accused of playing a “cat-and-mouse” game with US authorities who want to quiz him about Jeffrey Epstein.

    Gloria Allred, who represents 16 of Epstein's accusers, made the allegation as she said more women had emerged to make claims on the dead paedophile’s estate.

    Prince Andrew has come under intense scrutiny for his friendships with Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

    The Duke of York, 60, is accused of having sex with Virginia Roberts when she was a 17-year-old trafficked slave of Epstein – allegations Andrew strongly denies.

    The royal has faced claims he's failed to cooperate with US prosecutors throughout the course of the investigation, but he's insisted officials at America's Department of Justice have turned down his offers of help.

    Allred said the Prince “seems to be the one that is playing a cat and mouse game” with prosecutors.

    “Does Prince Andrew want it presented to him on a silver platter with footmen delivering this invitation from the justice department to come and be interviewed? she asked BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.


    There are fears that Ghislaine Maxwell could dodge justice by using the controversial plea deal her paedo pal Jeffrey Epstein cooked up with prosecutors in 2008, a source says.

    Maxwell’s lawyers haven’t outlined their defence strategy, but her legal team is bound to raise the historic deal in the months ahead, a report warns.

    An unnamed source told the Daily Mail that Maxwell had “anticipated” her arrest following Epstein's death last year, and her legal team have been preparing for “the last year”, declaring “this is war”.

    Among her team's likely defence arsenal is the Epstein plea deal, where he admitted two charges of child prostitution in exchange for a light sentence.

    As a result he ended up serving just 13 months in jail and was involved in a work-release programme.

    The agreement also granted immunity to protect others in his close-knit circle.

    “That deal offered immunity to any potential co-conspirators of Epstein [and] could be Maxwell’s get-out-of-jail-free card,” the source added.

    AP said that while her legal team was bound to raise the deal, it only applies in Florida.

    The news agency explains that after a Miami Herald expose brought new attention to the case, the US attorney in Manhattan brought new charges against Epstein last July.

    It was argued that the 2008 deal only applied to the specific US attorney’s office in Florida that made the agreement — not all 94 federal prosecutor’s offices in the country.

    Key for Maxwell is that the agreement also sought to prevent criminal charges from being brought “against any potential co-conspirators of Epstein.”

    The agreement lists four women by name, possibly because they received subpoenas or “target letters” from the government over allegations they were paid to recruit girls for Epstein.

    But the agreement notes, it is “not limited to” them only.

    Maxwell was not one of the four women identified by name in the agreement.


    The FBI's mega £4million operation to arrest Ghislaine Maxwell on July 2 nearly failed after locals heard their planes circling from 5am.

    One resident in New Hampshire said the FBI planes were “a nuisance” and a local even complained to police about the federal agents.

    A man told the Mirror: “The planes had been buzzing around since 5am. They were a nuisance.

    “We began calling each other to find out what the noise was about. Finally one snapped and drove down to where the vehicles were lined up.”

    That resident reportedly demanded to know who the agents were and what they were doing, and was told they were from the New England Aerial map society.

    He demanded to see inside the parked vans but was “harshly” told he couldn't.

    The local added: “The problem the FBI had was that the guy is an expert in maps and geology. It’s what he does for a living.

    “He told his wife, and she called the police on the FBI – it was hilarious.”


    Jeffrey Epstein’s brother has claimed that the paedophile was “murdered" and is demanding that federal authorities launch an investigation into his death.

    Mark Epstein, in an exclusive interview with The Sun, said: “I believe my brother was murdered.

    “I want to know what kind of investigation they did.

    “I have no indication that there was one.”

    Epstein was found dead in his cell at Manhattan Correctional Facility last August just two weeks after the 66-year-old was placed on suicide watch when found slumped in jail with neck injuries.

    He was awaiting trial on a slew of sex trafficking charges.

    “They said the cause of death was pending. Just five days later they said it was suicide,” Mark added.

    Mark also accused President Donald Trump's Attorney General, William Barr, of ignoring evidence that his brother was strangled.

    Barr insisted that he was able to hang himself in one of America’s most secure jails after a “perfect storm of screw-ups” by prison guards who slept and browsed the internet – shopping for motorbikes and furniture – instead of checking on Epstein every 30 minutes.

    “I hired a very well-respected forensic pathologist, Dr Michael Baden, who is an expert on people being killed and the deaths being written off as suicide, to make an independent evaluation,” Mark revealed.


    Brazen Ghislaine Maxwell’s last public appearance before her arrest was to support a charity for human trafficking victims, The Sun has revealed.

    The British socialite – who denies procuring girls for paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex trafficking ring – was pictured at London’s Cash and Rocket rally in June 2019.

    One of the three charities the event supported was the Helen Bamber Foundation, which helps survivors of “extreme human cruelty” including “sexual exploitation”.

    Lawyers for Epstein’s victims last month questioned whether the appearance was a “cruel PR stunt” by Maxwell to put investigators off her scent.

    Gloria Allred said: “It is highly likely that in June 2019 Ms Maxwell would have known law enforcement was investigating Jeffrey Epstein on allegations he sex trafficked underaged girls.

    “Since she had previously worked for Mr Epstein, was intimate with him and lived with him, she may have also realised that she could be a person of interest or a target of their investigation.

    “I have to wonder if she chose to participate in this rally as a calculated PR tactic which would portray her as a socialite who was sympathetic to and supportive of victims of sex trafficking.”

    Maxwell has pleaded not guilty to all charges against her in a criminal case going to trial next year.


    Bill Clinton stayed in his own private villa at paedophile Jeffrey Epstein's island after jetting in with the billionaire and two young girls, bombshell court documents allege.

    A judge ordered the release of the papers in a long-running defamation case between Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

    In the unsealed legal documents, she allegedly claims Mr Clinton was a guest at Epstein’s private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

    Epstein joked about Mr Clinton being in his pocket, she allegedly claimed.

    The Daily Beast reports Ms Giuffre told the lawyer: “I remember asking Jeffrey what’s Bill Clinton doing here [on the island].”

    According to a transcript of the conversation, Ms Giuffre said Epstein laughed and said: “Well, he owes me a favour.”

    “He never told me what favours they were,” Giuffre said.

    “I never knew. I didn’t know if he was serious. It was just a joke.”

    Ms Giuffre allegedly said Maxwell, a woman named Emmy (believed to be Maxwell’s former assistant Emmy Tayler), and two “young girls” from New York were also on the island.

    Giuffre does not implicate former US president Mr Clinton in any wrongdoing.


    Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein's alleged “pimp”, has won her battle to block “highly intrusive” court documents just hours before they were to be released.

    Her victory means highly personal details of her sex life will remain sealed until September, says a report.

    Maxwell, a longtime associate of Epstein, on Thursday, July 30, urged a US appeals court to block the release of a deposition about her sex life.

    She had filed eleventh-hour paperwork in New York to prevent the files from being made public.

    Maxwell said they could destroy her ability to get a fair trial against separate, criminal charges, that she aided the late financier’s sexual abuse of girls – which she has denied.

    The civil lawsuit documents are thought to contain “nude, partially-nude, or otherwise sexualized images, videos, or other depictions of individuals”.

    Maxwell's lawyers have also said they contain “intrusive questions about her sex life”.

    The Times reports that as a result of her plea, Maxwell has now successfully had the information blocked from public release.

    The confidential depositions from Maxwell and a man referred in the documents as John Doe1 won't be released pending a hearing on September 22, The Times adds.

    However scores of other documents have already been released after a New York judge unsealed them while the case continues against her over her role as Epstein's alleged “madam”.

    For the full story, see HERE.


    The New York City jail Ghislaine Maxwell calls home as she awaits trial on charges of sex trafficking has been described as a 'hell hole'.

    The 58-year-old was transferred to Brooklyn's Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in New York, four days after her arrest in New Hampshire.

    The MDC is notorious for its history of deplorable conditions and mistreatment of inmates.

    Maxwell now counts herself among the jail's other rich and famous inmates such as singer R Kelly and actress Alison Mack.

    Since MDC opened in the early 1990s, the facility has had a reputation as one of the worst federal jails in the US following several investigations into prisoner abuse and unlivable conditions.


    The billionaire paedophile and alleged madam reportedly told Prince Andrew's accuser Virginia Giuffre they didn't want black girls to be recruited for their sex massages.

    A transcript of the three-way phone call was released amid a slew of newly-unsealed court documents from Ms Giuffre's 2015 lawsuit against Maxwell.

    The transcript shows Ms Giuffre speaking to her lawyer Brad Edwards and a third attorney Jack Scarola.

    In it, she details her allegations of how Maxwell and Epstein had her recruit other girls to pimp out to rich and powerful men.

    “What instructions were you given about what to look for?” Scarola asked.

    She replied: “Young, pretty, you know, a fun personality.

    “They couldn't be black.

    “If they were any other descent other than white, they had to be exotically beautiful.

    “That was just about it.”


    The publishing tycoon died in unusual circumstances on November 5, 1991.

    Maxwell had been on his yacht, Lady Ghislaine, and had his last contact with the crew at 4.25am before going missing later that morning.

    His body was later recovered nude.

    Mystery still surrounds how he died.


    Robert Maxwell was born Jan Ludvik Hyman Binyamin Hoch on June 10, 1923, in Slatinske Doly in Czechoslovakia – now Solotvyno in Ukraine.

    He grew up in a difficult time, having to escape to France amid the invading Nazi Germany forces during World War Two, with many of his family being killed at famous death camp Auschwitz.

    Maxwell ended up joining the Czechoslovak army, before moving to the Royal Staffordshire Regiment and seeing action from Normandy to Berlin.

    Maxwell married Frenchwoman Elisabeth “Betty” Meynard in 1945.

    The couple had nine children: Michael, Philip, Anne, Christine, Isabel, Karine, Ian, Kevin and Ghislaine.

    After the war, Maxwell became a publishing distributor before buying Butterworth-Springer in 1951 – later being renamed Pergamon Press.

    At the end of the 1960s, Maxwell tried to buy News Of The World, only for his bid to be rejected based on his Czechoslovak heritage – while he also attempted to purchase The Sun.

    But he did eventually add a tabloid paper to his business ventures, purchasing Mirror Group Newspapers in 1984.


    Prince Andrew “knows a lot of truth" and will only "talk to protect himself“, bombshell Ghislaine Maxwell court documents claim.

    The explosive comments were revealed in papers her team tried to keep sealed as Jeffrey Epstein's ex faces sex charges.

    Alleged victim Virginia Giuffre was asked what Prince Andrew knew about Epstein, with unsealed documents revealing she said: “He would know a lot of the truth.

    “Again, I don’t know how much he would be able to help you with, but seeing he’s in a lot of trouble himself these days, I think he might, so I think he may be valuable.”

    Andrew has been accused in the documents of being the “powerful individual” disgraced financier Epstein's “sex slave” Ms Giuffre was forced to have sex with.


    Prince Andrew spent two days alone at Jeffrey Epstein's ranch with the billionaire paedophile's "sex slave" Virginia Roberts, court documents claim.

    A manuscript written by Ms Roberts – who was 17 or 18 at the time – says the Duke had “a really good time” and that she gave him “erotic massages”.

    Ms Roberts, now 36, says she was later rewarded with “close to a thousand dollars” by Epstein, The Sunday Mirror reports.

    The claims emerged in newly-released court papers which Epstein's former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell tried to block, the Sunday Mirror reported.

    Describing her time with Andrew around 2001 at Epstein's 7,559-acre Zorro ranch near Sante Fe, New Mexico, Ms Roberts wrote: “My job was to entertain him endlessly, whether that meant having to bestow him my body during an erotic massage or simply take him horseback riding.

    “The mansion was completely empty save a couple of maids who also cooked our dinners for us, and a couple of bodyguards that we hardly even saw at all.”

    She claims Maxwell arranged for her to go to the ranch but did not tell her who would be there.

    When she returned from the ranch, she described the reaction of Epstein and Maxwell, saying: “They were like proud parents, they looked at me with such content. 'Good, you did really well.' Jeffrey complimented me.”


    A writer who claims she was in Ghislaine Maxwell's 'little black book' revealed what life was like in the secretive high society circles is the US in the 90s.

    Helen Kirwan-Taylor, who was born in New York but now lives in Notting Hill, west London told The Sunday Telegraph she remembers Maxwell as being “quick-witted, attention-seeking and the complete darling of her set”.

    Ms Kirwan-Taylor said British people in NYC with “any whiff of poshness” were always accepted into the best soirees and “managed to infiltrate every circle, appearing at all the right parties and nightclubs”, she revealed.

    Speaking about her memory of Maxwell, she wrote: “Ghislaine was like a sniffer dog: sharp, alert and with a nose that could detect any useful information.

    “She appeared at every party along with half a dozen of the then 'it girls' whose main occupation seemed to be finding a wealthy man with a 'house'.

    “Ghislaine’s close female friends, however, were career-minded and independent as she clearly was. Many worked in the City.”


    Newly released court files contain bombshell allegations that the Duke of York lobbied the US government to secure Jeffrey Epstein a controversial plea deal and escape more serious charges over his 2008 underage prostitution case.

    The documents claim that when Epstein faced a series of allegations of sexually abusing minors in Florida the Queen's son put pressure on the government.

    The unsealed testimony also alleges that Epstein sent an under-age girl to have sex with Prince Andrew as part of an effort to gather incriminating evidence that could be used to blackmail him.

    The prince has denied any wrongdoing and when the case was originally heard in 2015 a judge ordered it to be struck from the record without ruling on its veracity.

    The alleged victim, now known as Virginia Roberts Giuffre, claimed she was told to “give the prince whatever he demanded” in encounters in London, New York and the Virgin Islands and was then told to “report back to him [Epstein] on the details of the sexual abuse”.

    The documents state that Epstein used his “significant social and political connections … including efforts on his behalf by Prince Andrew”.

    The claims, which appear amid court papers from a civil suit in 2015, were unsealed by a federal judge late on Thursday night.

    The Duke of York. 60, has vehemently denied the allegations against him.


    Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre has blasted Prince Andrew over twitter, saying she has “got my insiders”.

    “The pressure will be put back on,” the 36-year-old wrote on Sunday.

    “Serves him right trying to pull wool over the public's eyes with those ridiculous lies.

    “Chubby fingers, pizza, can't sweat … come on – my kids have better excuses”.


    Ghislaine Maxwell forced her accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre to disclose her entire medical history, including details about her mental health, in an attempt to discredit her testimony.

    Lawyers for the British socialite also served writs on Apple and Microsoft to access Virginia's emails.

    It is alleged they used “improper means” to obtain confidential information from a police report in which the alleged victim outlined claims of an unrelated sex assault when she was 14.

    The lawyers later accused the alleged victim of “crying rape”.

    The extraordinary tactics are laid bare in hundreds of pages of US court documents that Maxwell, 58, had sought to keep secret.

    The methods used by Maxwell's lawyers in their attempt to discredit Roberts Giuffre are likely to be deployed in a forthcoming criminal case in which Maxwell is accused of grooming and trafficking minors as young as 14, as well as two counts of perjury.

    In the earlier civil action, Roberts Giuffre, who is now 36, was ordered to identify all her healthcare providers from 1999 to present and produce their medical records.

    Documents released last Thursday in America show this included at least 15 doctors and hospitals and a “psychiatrist” in Australia, where Roberts Giuffre now lives.

    A letter granting Maxwell's lawyers access to her records states: “I understand that the medical information released by this authorisation may include information concerning treatment of physical and mental illness, alcohol/drug abuse and past medical history.” The details contained in the psychiatric report were redacted.


    Bombshell new court documents claim Maxwell allegedly sent messages to the Duke of York about her "trafficking".

    One page of the document detailed alleged correspondence between Maxwell and Prince Andrew.

    Ms Giuffre claims she was trafficked to the royal by Maxwell.

    The papers read: “Maxwell’s communications with Prince Andrew, for the entire relevant period, are relevant to this litigation.

    “Maxwell is alleged to have trafficked Ms. Giuffre to Prince Andrew when Ms. Giuffre was a minor.

    “Indeed, there is photographic evidence of Prince Andrew with his arm around Virginia’s waist, standing next to Maxwell, in Maxwell’s London
    residence, when Virginia was a minor child.

    “In the one email defendant did produce in response to the requests for production, Maxwell instructs Prince Andrew to 'Call me' after Prince
    Andrew says he needs to speak about Virginia.”

    The documents say Ms Giuffre is entitled to all of the communications between Maxwell and Prince Andrew.

    This is “not only to show the communications between them regarding her trafficking, but also possible communications between them, that would establish Maxwell furnishing him with other females or discussing
    other individuals who may have been involved with this activity”, the report says.


    Documents containing “highly intrusive” information about Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex life were set to be realeased in a matter of hours before a judge ordered they remain sealed.

    Maxwell, a longtime associate of Epstein, on Thursday, July 30, urged a US appeals court to block the release of a deposition about her sex life.

    She said it could destroy her ability to get a fair trial against criminal charges that she aided the late financier’s sexual abuse of girls.

    The Sunday Express reports that as a result of her plea, Maxwell has successfully had the information blocked from public release.

    The paper says details of her sex life will now remain until September this year.


    Ghislaine Maxwell has won her bid to keep “highly intrusive” court documents sealed.

    The papers will now remain sealed until September, The Express reports.


    Epstein's island of Little St James lies between St Thomas and St John, two of the largest islands of the US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean.

    The 78-acre island was bought by Epstein in 1998 for an estimated $7.95million and was owned by Epstein until his death in 2019.

    The private island has been dubbed by locals as “paedophile island”, “orgy island” and “island of sin”.


    Jeffrey Epstein’s townhouses in New York City and Palm Beach, Florida, have hit the market for a combined $110million.

    The convicted sex offender’s house on Manhattan’s Upper East Side was listed at $88million, The Wall Street Journal reported.

    His former house in Palm Beach will ask $21.995million, per the report, which cites listing agents.

    Epstein was 66 years old last August when he killed himself while in federal custody at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York.

    Epstein had a large property portfolio, which included homes throughout the world.

    He owned an apartment in Paris, a ranch in New Mexico, and a private island located in the US Virgin Islands.

    These properties are also expected to hit the market.

    Epstein’s secluded property in Stanley, New Mexico, known as the Zorro Ranch, included a massive residence that he built decades ago.


    A new documentary, Surviving Jeffrey Epstein, gives a voice to the women he allegedly abused.

    The documentary features interviews with a number of the women who claimed to have been trafficked by Epstein, and they share their experiences.

    It aims to investigate the charges again Epstein, a convicted sex offender who was found dead in his cell last August while awaiting charges for his crimes.

    To watch the documentary head to network Crime+Investigation, available on Sky 156, Virgin 209, BT 328 and TalkTalk 328.

    The doco deals with sensitive themes and gives upsetting accounts from survivors of Epstein's abuse.

    It airs views of “whistleblowers as well as a number of Epstein’s acquaintances and former friends”.

    Surviving Jeffrey Epstein premieres with a double bill airing on Tuesday August 25 at 9pm.

    The final two hours will be broadcast on Wednesday August 26 at 9pm.


    Ghislaine Maxwell is a “master manipulator of human emotion”, one of Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers has claimed.

    Teresa Helm, who alleges she was assaulted by Epstein in 2002, was speaking after newly-unsealed documents appeared to contradict Maxwell's previous testimony about her contact with the late financier.

    The exchanges were produced in a defamation lawsuit brought against Maxwell by Virginia Roberts, another of Epstein's accusers, in September 2015.

    Helm, 39, is one of five women who filed a civil lawsuit against Epstein's estate following his suicide while awaiting trial on child sex trafficking charges in August.

    She said on Twitter after the documents were unsealed: “This is her kryptonite. I wonder how it’s going down.”

    Helm also wrote: “Ghislaine Maxwell is a master manipulator of human emotion.

    “Her perversion of truth worked on me beautifully.”

    Maxwell is currently awaiting trial on charges of enticement of minors, sex trafficking of children, and perjury, though strongly denies all wrongdoing.

    For the full story, see HERE.


    Mum-of-three Virginia Roberts – now Virginia Giuffre, 35 – made claims against Brit socialite Ghislaine Maxwell – Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-lover.

    Giuffre has alleged that she was procured by Maxwell, 57, the daughter of disgraced tycoon Robert Maxwell, as a teenage “sex slave” for Epstein.

    She released a manuscript just hours before Epstein's death, which added to more than 2,000 documents of a lawsuit pending against the former financier and his pals.

    The legal documents were released in a defamation case involving Giuffre, who in 2015 claimed Prince Andrew slept with her three times, and Maxwell.

    Virginia Roberts has now claimed that she had sex with Prince Andrew in a toilet when she was 17, after a night where he had been plying her with vodka in a posh London club.

    The royal has vehemently denied the accusations against him, branding them “false” and “without foundation”.

    When called by the Sun Online, Buckingham Palace stated: “It is emphatically denied that The Duke of York had any form of sexual contact or relationship with Virginia Roberts.”

    However, Roberts stood by her accusations, saying the Prince “was an abuser, he was a participant”.

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