Germany ‘gun and knife attack’ leaves two injured as special forces hunt suspects urging locals to stay indoors

ONE man has been stabbed and another shot in a shocking attack in Germany.

The victims were targeted close to the railway station in Plochingen, a town near Stuttgart.

Cops said the victims were a man, 21, and another man, 29.

Reutlingen Police Department said in a statement: "The 29-year-old suffered stab wounds and the younger [gunshot] wounds."

Violence erupted onto the streets during a row between five men, cops say.

One of the victims is said to be serious condition in hospital, German newspaper Bild reports.

Police and special forces launched a large-scale hunt for suspects with a helicopter scouring overhead.

The attackers fled the scene on food but one, a man aged 20, was caught nearby just two hours after the assault.

A police spokesman said: “We arrested a person in Esslingerstrasse in the area of a gas station.

"If you don't have to go to the city urgently, it's best to stay at home and avoid the area."

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