GB News: Biden blasted over bicycle disaster as POTUS ‘continues to embarrass Americans’

Joe Biden falls off his bike after getting foot caught

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The US President experienced a mishap near his Delaware beach home on Saturday morning after taking a tumble near the end of a bike ride with his wife Jill Biden. American Journalist Kinsey Schofield told GB News host Mark Dolan that at the time of the 2020 US Presidential election the mainstream media had depicted Mr Biden as the “greatest thing since Jesus Christ”.

She went on to claim that now after a string of mishaps they were “distancing” themselves from the embattled President.

She said: “Biden is vacationing at his house in Delaware and I have to stress, Mark, when we had the 2020 Presidential election all of the mainstream media were talking about how cute he was.

“He’s just a cute old grandpa, how he was the greatest thing to happen since Jesus Christ.

“Well now he continues to embarrass Americans on such a huge huge platform.

“I’m sorry that he fell over, but this is embarrassing as an American.

“For like you said the leader of the free world to be falling over in front of people.

“The mainstream media is distancing themselves so much from this man.

“They don’t want to talk about him.

“They’re not cheering him on the way that they used to because, quite frankly, they do recognise that he is such an embarrassment to our country.”

Mark Dolan interjected, insisting that Mr Biden was a “decent man” but was just unfit for the highest political office in the world.

He said: “This isn’t meant to be a personal attack on the guy, he’s an experienced politician.

“I’m sure fundamentally a decent man as well. 

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“The issue is just his fitness for office.

“This is a guy who stumbles through his sentences.

“Accidentally says that America wants regime change in Russia, which is swiftly denied by the White House themselves.

“So this is in many ways a national security issue for the Americans. We can’t just laugh it off can we Lindsey?”

Ms Schofield responded that it was “very nice” for Mr Dolan to refer to Mr Biden as a “good human being” as she tore into the US President.

She said: “That’s really nice of you to say this is a good man. Americans are questioning that at this point in time.

“But with him stumbling over his words, with accidents like this, yes we are concerned.

“You know Kamala Harris is not the greatest Vice President in the world either, so it’s the devil you know the devil you don’t.

“It’s really kind of a concerning situation.”

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