Former Guelph teacher disciplined after complaints of physical, verbal abuse

The Ontario College of Teachers has suspended a now-retired Guelph teacher for six months following an investigation into physical and verbal abuse against students.

In their ruling, a disciplinary committee said Gail Louise Hall’s inappropriate conduct involved at least 12 students between 2008 and 2012.

The identity of the students and the school were not disclosed.

Incidents included grabbing a student’s arm, pushing a student through a door and even shaking a student and pushing him into a desk.

There were also reports of verbal abuse, such as telling the male students that if they wore pink, they would grow up to be homosexual men and yelling at students if they could not follow instructions.

“The committee heard evidence that the member’s use of force caused significant trauma and fear for the students,” the committee stated in its ruling.

Some students testified that they were frightened and embarrassed by the teacher. At least one student was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder while receiving counselling.

Hall didn’t attend the penalty phase of the hearing and did not have legal representation. The report showed she was placed on leave with pay in January 2013 and retired in April 2015.

If she ever wants to teach in Ontario again, Hall will have to serve the suspension, complete anger management courses and pay a fine of $12,000.

Two reports on the case can be found on the college’s website.

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