Forget TB12: Patriots quarterback Mac Jones reportedly files for 'MJ10' trademark

Most New England Patriots quarterbacks would try to distance themselves from Tom Brady. There's no need to remind fans they used to have a guy that led their favorite franchise to six Super Bowl wins.

But Mac Jones isn't most quarterbacks. Jones reportedly filed for a trademark to sell branded apparel, and that trademark should look pretty familiar to Patriots fans.

Jones, 23, reportedly filed to trademark "MJ10," his initials followed by his jersey number, according to the Boston Globe. That's the same structure Brady uses on his "TB12" branded products.  

Jones isn't the first Patriots player to take influence from Brady here. Former receiver Julian Edelman sells merchandise featuring a "JE11" logo.

Mac Jones off to strong start during rookie season

Comparing Jones, or any quarterback, to Brady would be foolish. No one deserves the pressure or the expectation they have to match or exceed Brady's accomplishments in the NFL. 

Jones, however, has given Patriots fans something to dream on during his rookie season. Through 12 games, Jones has 16 touchdowns against 8 interceptions. After a rocky first couple games, Jones has made strides as he continues to gain experience in the NFL. His adjusted yards per pass attempt has increased as the year has gone along, proof that the Patriots have more confidence in Jones making throws down the field.

The early returns look promising, but Jones still has a long way to go in New England. If he's daunted by replacing a legend, Jones isn't showing it. You don't imitate Brady's trademark if you're looking to escape those comparisons. 

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