Fisherman captures great white breaching water in Bay of Plenty

A Waihī fisherman has had an up-close look at the speed and power of a great white shark.

Josh Lonergan was fishing on a boat off the coast of Bowentown last night, less than 1km from Anzac Bay, when he spotted the shark chasing a fish he was reeling in.

“I was getting a feed of trevally and snapper,” he said.

“The last trevally I caught, I had a shark chase it in. I had a kahawai there so I chucked its head out on a bit of light line and got the camera ready.”

Having the camera ready paid off as Lonergan was able to capture footage of the impressive shark leaping out of the water.

“I was pretty speechless,” he said.

“It’s pretty usual but you never get it in that harbour and never get it on video. It was a great white for sure, 100 per cent. it was probably three or four metres long at least. I’ve seen some big sharks but that one made them look pretty small.

“It was pretty close to the bay – with Easter weekend coming I hope nobody’s bloody swimming.”

The area has been a hot spot for shark activity in recent months.

In early January, Hamilton 19-year-old Kaelah Marlow died in a shark attack at Bowentown. It is understood she was dragged from the water alive after the attack and paramedics administered CPR on the beach to no avail.

There have been multiple sightings and captures of Great White sharks in the area since. Lonergan’s girlfriend Holly Manukonga reeled in a baby Great White at Bowentown’s Cave Bay in November last year.

Once they had reeled it in, they released it back into the ocean.

“We’ve caught a lot more sharks this year,” Lonergan said.

“I’d say it won’t be long until there’s signs down there at the beach, especially if the sharks are breeding in there.”

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