Farmers bare their bodies for naked calendar to raise cash

“Our local community was going through a rough time with the drought affecting the local farmers and a sudden spike in suicides in our rural area.

“So we contacted The Naked Farmer and asked him if it would be okay to use a similar idea for our local area and he was very encouraging.”

“We get a lot of different reactions from the people asked to take part in the calendar.”

She continued: “It was surprising how a lot of the time it was the people you least expected to that stood up, braved the cold and wanted to try to help make a difference.

“Most that took part in the calendar were genuinely nervous and there was a lot of joking around to try and distract themselves.

“But our amazing photographer, Chontelle Perrin, made everyone feel comfortable and it was a quick process.

“Despite the horrible weather everyone still put on a brave face and the photos came up beautifully.”

The pictures show the rural farmers using everything from tractors to animals grain to cover their modesty.

“Although the calendars can’t magically make you better, we just hope that it encourages someone out there to reach out for help and find the support they need before giving up all hope,” Ellie added.

The calendar is available for purchase here.


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