Family of baby who died in freak magpie tragedy pay tribute to 'innocent' Mia

The parents of a baby who died after a magpie swooped during walk in a park have paid tribute to her ‘pure innocence and her adorable laugh’.

Baby Mia was being cradled in mum Simone’s arms when the bird attacked in Australia on Sunday.

As her mum tried to protect her daughter from the animal, she tripped, with Mia suffering head injuries in the fall.

She was taken to hospital after the incident at Glindemann Park in Brisbane, but could not be saved.

Council workers reportedly captured the magpie yesterday and took it away in a cage, while additional signs warning for ‘swooping birds’ were put up.

Dad Jacob, 32, spoke to Daily Mail Australia after losing his only child, saying: ‘Our whole world has been taken from us and the pain we are experiencing is unimaginable.

‘We are so grateful for the most precious little gift we ever received.

‘Mia brought joy to everyone’s lives with her infectious smile, her pure innocence and her adorable laugh, she will be forever in all our hearts.’

He thanked everyone in the local community who had supported he and Simone, 30, and reminded people to ‘love and embrace your loved ones’.

In a message to Mia, he said: ‘Mum and dad love you dearly Mia and we treasure the beautiful life we had with you. Rest In Peace Mia. Love Mum and Dad xoxoxo.’ 

Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said today that the magpie which swopped has been moved ‘a long way away’.

He said the bird had been moved out of the park to an area far enough for it to be unlikely to return.

A GoFundMe to show support for the family has now raised over A$100,000.

It reads: ‘No words can begin to describe the torture Jacob and Simone are going through. A life cut so short, much sooner than any one of us expected. Mia was and forever will be the light of Jacob and Simone’s lives.

‘Jacob and Simone have not asked for anything but time, time to grieve the loss of their stunning little ray of sunshine. We as family will forever be here for them, to love, cherish and support them through the good times and the bad.

‘[Mia’s aunts] Katie and Sophie are trying their absolute best to get an exemption to cross the Queensland border so they can be there to support our family, but as for now, the absolute least we can all do is to try and raise some money.

‘Raise some money to not only help Jacob and Simone pay for the cost of Mia’s funeral, but to enable Jacob and Simone to take as much time away from work and the world as they need, and to relieve all of the financial stress associated with this absolute horrific tragedy.’

Local people shared stories about how they had also encountered aggressive magpies in the area.

Male magpies swoop on walkers nearby to protect their nests.

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