Evil serial killer Peter Tobin ‘in agony’ as health worsens after breaking hip

Serial killer Peter Tobin is facing a nightmare of his own as he is reportedly 'in agony' after breaking his hip.

The 76-year-old is entering his fifth week of being in hospital as his health is deteriorating while he is suffering from cancer, which he was diagnosed with in 2019.

The murderer needed emergency treatment for a broken hip, which he endured after a fall while in prison and has been in a Scottish NHS facility ever since while remaining under constant guard.

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A source told the Sunday Mail: "He’s not getting any better, in fact, his condition is getting worse."

Last week, the cruel man was pictured handcuffed to a bed with his emaciated body hidden by a hospital gown looking 'seriously ill'.

He was said to be 'refusing food and medication' as he lay there seemingly wasting away.

As a result, he has not yet been returned to HMP Edinburgh, where he was serving a whole life sentence for the murders of Angelika Kluk, Vicky Hamilton and Dinah McNicol.

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He is also suspected of dozens of other killings with families begging him to come clean about his victims.

Last week, retired detective David Swindle, who led the operation that caught Tobin, said he hoped the picture would prompt fresh publicity and put pressure on him to reveal his victims.

Falkirk schoolgirl Vicky Hamilton went missing in February 1991. Her dismembered body was found 16 years later in the back garden of a house in Kent, where Tobin had moved to.

She was found alongside 18-year-old Dinah, who had also vanished also in 1991.

Tobin was convicted of those two murders following his sentencing for the murder and rape of Polish student Angelika, 23, in 2006 at a church in the Anderston area of Glasgow.

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The police officer who caught Tobin later led the task force Operation Anagram looking into his other crimes.

They looked at hundreds of unsolved murders with any links to Tobin and eventually narrowed it down to nine and now he is being asked to come clean by the families of girls he is suspected to have murdered before it's too late.


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