England fans declare 'war' on Italian food ahead of Euro 2020 final

‘No spaghetti or pizza until after Sunday!’ England fans declare ‘war’ on Italian food and vow to eat roast dinners before historic Euro final showdown with the Azzurri

  • England fans have vowed not to eat their favourite Italian foods until Sunday
  • Others vowed to use ‘mind games’ including using cheddar instead of Parmesan
  • But others appeared serious and said: ‘Don’t any of you f**king dare buying pizza for Sunday night’s takeaway’
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England fans have today vowed not to eat their favourite Italian foods ahead of the big Euro 2020 match, declaring: ‘No spaghetti or pizza till Sunday, it’s war’.

Such is seriousness of the final with the Azzurri, huge numbers took to social media vowing to dump Dolmio, resist ricotta, boycott bolognese and put away the Parmesan and Prosecco if it helps Gareth Southgate’s men bring home the pancetta.

Italy’s food is considered amongst the greatest cuisines in the world and staple dishes such as pizza and lasagne are eaten in millions of British households every day.

But for the next 72 hours, football supporters have vowed to stick to fish and chips, toad in the hole or a traditional British roast ahead of the 8pm kick off on Sunday.

Others pledged to use ‘mind games’ in the hope it will hex the Italian team, promising to use cheddar instead of Parmesan, put Bisto gravy on pasta instead of tomato sauce and place pinepple on pizza after Italian fans waved placards abusing the combination during their match at Wembley on Tuesday.

Although most England supporters leading the boycott on social media were just having some fun ahead of the match, others seemed more serious, tweeting friends: ‘Don’t any of you f**king dare buying pizza for Sunday night’s takeaway’.

England fans have vowed to hit back by boycotting Italian favourites after Azzurri fans held banners like these at their match at Wembley on Tuesday night

England fans have promised ‘mind games’ to beat the Italians 

One fan who banned his children from playing with Lego because it is Danish, has given them their plastic bricks back but told them they can’t have and Italian food until Monday at the earliest – and he will not touch and Italian beer or wine. 

Another jokingly said he won’t put on The Italian Job because of the title and his family will avoid watching Lady and the Tramp because the dogs eat spaghetti and meatballs. 

George Hurrell tweeted: ‘No Dominoes, no pasta, no linguine, no pizza NO NOTHING! Fish and chips and toad in the hole till after Sunday’.  

Billy McGon wrote: ‘Don’t any of you f**king dare buying pizza for Sunday nights takeaway, no Italian food until after Sunday’.

Another wrote: ‘No Pasta, No Dolmio, No Pizza, No Parmesan, No Mozzarella, No watching the Italian Job, No Extra Virgin Olive Oil, No Red or White wines, No watching Lady and the Tramp. No Gelato. Sunday, we dine in hell’.  

One supporter said: ‘No pizza or pasta for me this week. Straight up banger de mash, sunday roast, and english breakfast’ and another said: ‘No one buy Dolmio all week. This is war’.

Meanwhile England fans are madly scrambling to grab tickets for Sunday’s final with Italy with bids already reaching just under £21,000, MailOnline can reveal today.

Supporters went online on the final whistle in the team’s win over Denmark last night to spend their savings to get a seat at Wembley for the country’s first men’s major football final since 1966. 

Bidding for three tickets for the Italy match, worth £1,000 each, went from £6,000 to £15,000 in the 30 minutes Gareth Southgate’s heroes celebrated on the pitch last night.  And the bidding continued through the night, reaching £20,700 this morning.

eBay users are selling pairs of tickets for between £15,000 and £17,500 today, with e-tickets making it easy for them to be transferred to the winning bidders.

Government sources have said that a 90,000-capacity crowd for the Euro 2020 final ‘cannot be ruled out’ now Gareth Southgate’s men made the final on Sunday meaning there will be more tickets for the game that last night’s final.

England fans have pulled sickies, stayed in bed or were even given the day off today leaving roads deserted and trains empty because of the extraordinary Euro 2020 celebrations up and down the country.

As fans scrambled for tickets, 56 bids were in for three tickets with the price reaching just under £21,000

The going rate for a pair of tickets appears to be £15,000 to £17,500 

Trains were delayed into London and Tube lines missing services because of a shortage of staff as millions nursed crippling hangovers and tired heads after partying through the night.

Congestion data from TomTom showed that up to one in five cars were missing during rush hour in many cities when compared to yesterday – with some joking they were ‘ringing in sick’ this morning and that England’s win had put the country back into a temporary one-day lockdown.

Traffic levels was as low as 20 per cent down in London and 15 per cent down in Bristol. Meanwhile in Newcastle the roads were 14 per cent less busy and in Manchester recorded similar lulls.

The Government is now under pressure to consider a bank holiday on Monday – or a day of celebration next week – in case the Three Lions beat Italy this weekend, according to Politico. 

Some bosses are already promising staff they can have leave on the day after the match, allowing employees to recover after tasting sweet victory or bitter defeat against Roberto Mancini’s Italian team.

Cars were noticeably absent from the streets in major cities and some commuter services were delayed, citing the game. One motorist said: ‘Got to work in record time today. The roads were curiously empty.’ 

Another added on Twitter: ‘Roads are empty this morning lol i guess everyone is recovering from last night.’

And one joked the England match had been more effective than coronavirus restrictions for getting people to stay at home.

They quipped: ‘I was driving and roads were empty – seems like an England match is far more effective at keeping people home than a lockdown.’  

Kane celebrates with team mates after scoring their side’s second goal during the UEFA Euro 2020 match

Thousands of exuberant England fans are crammed in along Wembley Way after England made their first final in more than five decades as they try to get to the Tube

England manager Gareth Southgate celebrates wildly after England beat Denmark in the Euro 2020 semi-final at Wembley

More than 1500 fans go wild as they watch the game at the 4thefans park, Manchester

People partied into the night as England gave themselves the chance of winning a major tournament for the first time since 1966

It is the first time that England have reached the final of the Euros – and the first time they have made it that far in a major tournament since the World Cup win in 1966.

The teams were locked at 1-1 after 90 minutes but, after missing chance after chance, England broke down the Danish defence during 30 minutes of extra time.

Winger Raheem Sterling won a penalty on the 104th minute, which captain Harry Kane missed – before slotting the ball into the net when it rebounded off Danish goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel.

Inside Wembley stadium, the biggest UK football crowd since the pandemic let out a collective sigh of relief after biting their nails for much of the game.

Prince William, president of the Football Association, clapped and punched his fist in the air in the royal box as the final whistle was blown.

But it was far from plain sailing. After a promising start by England, they made a flurry of mistakes as the tension in the stadium appeared to grip the players.

On the 30th minute, Danish winger Mikkel Damsgaard scored a scintillating free kick to send their 8,700 fans at Wembley into delirium.

England supporters were stunned into silence, but were lifted when Sterling almost scored from close range.

A minute later the fans erupted when Danish captain Simon Kjaer turned a cross by English teenager Bukayo Saka into his own net to make it 1-1.

A relieved England manager Gareth Southgate punched the air with delight and let out a roar on the touchline.

England were cheered on by a host of high-profile stars, including former captain David Beckham and former England and Rangers star Paul Gascoigne.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, sitting with his wife Carrie, wore an England shirt with his name and the number 10 on the back.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden, Health Secretary Sajid Javid and Foreign Secretary Dominic Rabb were also in attendance.

Among the raucous crowd was a large contingent of relatives, partners and close friends of the players.

Most were wearing replica England shirts, including Kane’s wife Katie, who wrote on Instagram: ‘Semi-final vibes. Let’s go baby.’

Before the game, singer Neil Diamond sent England a good luck message from his home in Colorado.

His 1969 hit Sweet Caroline has been adopted as one of the Three Lions fans’ anthems at the tournament. 

Fans spent almost £500million on food and drink for the game as they gathered in living rooms, pubs and fan zones across the country.

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