Emmanuel Macron LIVE: French President shamed over ‘inhumane’ response after EU demand

Joe Biden slammed for having 'no idea' about Taliban

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After a ’slow’ response to the crisis which has unfolded since the withdrawal of US troops, Mr Macron said yesterday that Afghanistan must not become the “sanctuary of terrorism”, but soon turned his attention to the issue of migrants. Countries around Europe are racing to evaluate citizens and local staff from Kabul, which most recently fell to the Taliban after it took the presidential palace on Sunday. But, speaking in a television broadcast from his summer home in the South of France, the French President demanded a “robust, coordinated and united” European response to fears over a looming migration crisis.

He added France would be leading the response by cracking down on “illegal people smuggling rings” along with other countries from the bloc.

He said: “We must anticipate and protect ourselves against significant irregular migratory flows that would endanger the migrants and risk encouraging trafficking of all kinds”.

Mr Macron’s words came after video footage went viral yesterday showing Afghans falling from a US Air Force C-17 jet after they desperately tried to escape the Taliban’s rule.

Hamid Karzai International Airport was forced to close after hundreds of Afghans clung to evacuating planes in a desperate bid to escape.

At least eight people were killed, including three who were run over by taxiing planes and three who fell in the stampede of hopeful escapees.

Outraged users took to social media to criticise Mr Macron for his “inhumane” reaction to the crisis.

Labour MP Claudia Webbe tweeted: “On the same day that Afghans died clinging to planes, Macron says ‘We must anticipate and protect ourselves against significant irregular migratory flows.’

“What kind of leader vows to set up a system to keep Afghan refugees out of the EU completely.


Boris Johnson also spoke out about the potential migrant crisis yesterday by declaring a “bespoke” resettlement scheme to allow fleeing Afghans to set up home in the UK.

The Prime Minister is expected to share more detail about the refugee scheme in the coming days, with the expectation that the policy will focus on helping women and girls, who are at increased risk under the Taliban.

British Armed Forces numbers in Afghanistan have also been bolstered to 900 after the Ministry of Defence announced a further 200 yesterday.

Despite growing international censure, US President Joe Biden issued a defiant statement and refused to apologise for his decision to withdraw American troops, and claimed the war must not continue for a “third decade.”


09:30 University student evacuated from Kabul

A student who claimed to have travelled to Afghanistan after Googling “most dangerous countries to visit” says he has been “evacuated” – hours after the Foreign Office said it was trying to track him down to offer him assistance.

Miles Routeledge, 21 was evacuated after travelling there in an apparent instance of danger tourism earlier this month. 

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09:16 Boris Johnson to unveil resettlement plan within days

Boris Johnson is expected to unveil a resettlement scheme for vulnerable Afghans fleeing the Taliban in the coming days. 

The decision follows frantic scenes at Kabul airport that left seven people dead, including those who fell from a departing US military transport jet. 

The Prime Minister’s plan could be similar to the concept used to take in Syrian refugees in 2015, when women with children, people with serious medical conditions and survivors of torture were prioritised. 

The Syrian programme enabled 20,000 refugees to be resettled over six years. 

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