Doomed chopper pilot thought he had ‘20-minute window’ to get out of city

The pilot who fatally crashed a helicopter atop a Manhattan skyscraper mistakenly thought he had a “20-minute window to make it out” of the city amid heavy rain and fog, federal investigators said Tuesday.

The National Transportation Safety Board said pilot Tim McCormack flew for several minutes on June 10 before radioing that he was trying to return to the heliport but “did not know where he was,” the Associated Press reported.

McCormack, 58, had decades of chopper experience but wasn’t “instrument rated” to fly with limited visibility, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

McCormack was heading from the East 34th Street heliport to Linden, New Jersey, when he crash-landed on the roof of the AXA Equitable Center at 787 Seventh Ave.

Video posted on social media shows the chopper flying erratically over the East River before the incident.

McCormack, who was the only person on board, was killed when the chopper burst into flames.

Miraculously, there were no other casualties.

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