Donald Trump to storm GOP nomination and RECLAIM White House in 2024, new poll finds

Trump ‘has unfinished business’ says former aid

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Donald Trump, 75, received a welcome boost as the poll was released in the United States. The McLaughlin & Associates poll, conducted between July 29 and August 3, found the 45th President could pull off yet another political shock in America’s next national election.

Not only does it suggest Trump would romp to victory if he stands in the Republican primary, it also finds the ex-POTUS could defeat the Democratic opponent touted to reach the ballot in the 2024 Presidential Election.

Commentators predict President Joe Biden is unlikely to stand for re-election – as he would commence the term aged 82.

The 78-year-old would be the first US President since Lyndon B Johnson to not seek re-election to the Oval Office.

Kamala Harris, 56, is considered the front-runner for the Democratic Party.

The Vice President helped Joe Biden defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 US Presidential Election by 306 electoral college votes to 232.

But in the McLaughlin & Associates poll, Trump registers a three point lead over the Vice President among likely voters.

According to this poll, the ex-POTUS could receive 49 percent and Harris could obtain just 46 percent.

McLaughlin & Associates CEO John McLaughlin worked on Trump’s campaign in 2016.

Michael Wolff, an American author who is releasing his third book on Trump’s presidency, recently revealed the former President is confident about his chances in 2024.

Wolff said: “He keeps talking about Biden having Alzheimer’s and he is convinced Harris will be the Democratic candidate in 2024 and it will be no contest.

“He doesn’t believe there is any chance that Kamala could beat him – but then, he thought that Joe Biden would be no threat.

“That is why, in his mind, the election must have been stolen, because there is no way he could possibly have been beaten by Biden.”

However, if Trump were to pull-off this electoral comeback he would become just the second US President to serve two non-consecutive terms in the White House.

The only other President to do so was Grover Cleveland in the late 19th century.

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Before reaching the 2024 national election, both Republicans and Democrats will have to decide their nominees.

The McLaughlin poll suggests Trump will storm the GOP primary – winning 54 percent of the vote amongst likely voters in a crowded 15-candidate field.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was polled to finish in a distant second – with just 11 percent.

The Democrat-side of the primary poll found Kamala Harris as the frontrunner on 28 percent.

But in second was the ex-First Lady Michelle Obama on 16 percent.

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