Donald Trump blasts ‘radicals’ for destroying American hero statues in protests – ‘Evil’

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The US president blasted protestors for destroying monuments in cities across America in the past few months. Mr Trump said the groups were trying to break down the constitutional law and order.

In a statement on Thursday, Mr Trump said: “There are those in our society who wish to tear down our institutions and threaten our sacred constitutional freedoms.

“In recent months, statues of great American heroes like Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, and Theodore Roosevelt have been threatened, torn down, defaced, and destroyed.”

Mr Trump insisted that radical groups are threatening the law and order in America.

He said: “In cities throughout our country, radical groups have attacked monuments honouring the unrivalled contributions our Founding Fathers made to human freedom.

“These groups and individuals are attempting to topple constitutional law and order — the very foundation of self-government — by attacking the Constitution and the integrity of our national heroes, falsely decrying our country and its institutions as evil and unjust.”

Constitution Day in America marks the adoption of the US Constitution and recognises those who have become US citizens.

The US president said the Constitution “outlines a government that encourages individuals to flourish while still empowering the state to perform necessary functions like protecting law and order.”

Mr Trump’s comments come just a few days after he claimed he has successfully restored law and order across the US, “except in Democrat-run cities”.

Mr Trump has focused a lot of his presidential campaign on his beliefs that protests across the US intended to destroy suburban America.

During an interview with ABC News on Tuesday, he said lawlessness was “a Democrat problem”.

TV host George Stephanopoulos told Mr Trump: “Mr President, you promised four years ago at the Republican Convention, ‘I’m going to restore law and order.’”

The president replied: “And I have.

“Except in Democrat-run cities.

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“Look, we have laws. We have to go by the laws. We can’t move in the National Guard.”

In his statement on Thursday referring to the vandalised statues, Mr Trump said he “will never allow such heinous attacks to go unpunished.”

According to a poll results released at the end of July, showed that the majority of Americans supported the Black Lives Matter protests which were sparked following the death of George Floyd.

The Gallup poll found that 65 percent of American adults supported the protests against racism.

Of those who participated, 53 percent said the protects “will help” the public support racial justice.

This contrasted with 34 percent who said the demonstrations would “hurt” public support for racial equality and 13 percent who said they will “make no difference”.

Mr Floyd, a black man, died after a white police officer pinned his neck down on the floor with his knee for nearly nine minutes.

The protests which followed swept across the US and internationally.

Demonstrators in the US called for historical statues to be removed due to their links to slavery.

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