Do I need my polling card to vote today in UK local elections 2021?

POLLING stations across the country are seeing a stream of people flowing through the doors to place their vote.

But are you having a last-minute panic over a lost polling card?

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Can I vote without a polling card in the 2021 Local Election?

Yes you can, as long as you are still registered to vote.

Just tell the people at the desk your name and address and they will find you on the electoral register – and hand you your ballot paper.

If you never received a polling card, it might be because you are not registered – which means you CAN'T vote today.

You can check if you're registered by calling your local electoral registration office, details of which can be found here.

If you voted in the EU referendum, and you haven't moved house since last summer, you will be on the register.

Where do I go to vote?

The address of your local polling station will be written on your card or you can find it out online by clicking here.

If you've lost your card, call your local electoral registration office and they will tell you where to go.

The polling stations will be open from 7am-10pm today – and are normally located in local schools, town halls or churches.

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You must vote in your assigned polling station, which we're afraid means you can't pop to the one closest to work on your lunch break.

If you can't make it to the polling station today, you may be able to apply for an emergency proxy vote.

This only applies to people who are already registered to vote and in extreme cases, for example if you are admitted to hospital.

The form, which you can find here, must be taken to your electoral registration office by 5pm.

Your chosen friend or family member can then vote on your behalf.

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