Disgruntled Wetherspoons punter turns ‘mediocre’ chip portion into Stonehenge

A disgruntled punter at a Wetherspoons in Swansea has turned his frustrations with 'mediocre portions' into chip art.

'Spoons' lovers have banded together in a Facebook group that measures and counts the portion of chips that they have been served in the popular British pub chain.

Some users even whip their rulers out to measure the chips to compare the length and girth of their favourite potato snack.

Among them was Boris Bennett, who had visited the Potters Wheel, Swansea when they made the mistake of disappointing him with just 22 chips.

But rather than demand more, or just eat them anyway – he turned his plate into a model Stonehenge, using the potato delight as stones and BBQ sauce as glue to hold it together.

He then posted his proud creation into the Wetherspoon's Chip Count group on Facebook – which recently went social media famous as pub-goers aim to shame or praise their local boozers for their portion sizes.

Boris wrote on October 24: "Got 22 chips today which is mediocre at best, but it was just enough to make a chip Stonehenge, using BBQ dip as glue."

His post quickly went viral with over 7.7k people reacting with likes and laughs.

Others took to the comments to compliment him on his craftmanship.

One user said: "Says a lot for the BBQ dip. Excellent glueing."

Another added: "Chip henge the greatest mystery of Great Britain who built it? Where did it come from? When does it date back to? All will be revealed in this weeks time team with tony Robinson stay tuned folks."

A third said: "Let’s try this and start a chip Stonehenge competition."

A fourth wrote: "When life gives you an inadequate number of chips, make a lil’ potato Stonehenge."

The group now boasts over 39,300 members.

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