‘Desperate’ Taliban leaders beg for US help as ISIS militants plot Afghanistan takeover

ISIS ‘common enemy’ for US and Taliban says expert

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A former Pentagon official has warned that ISIS-K is plotting to topple the Taliban and take over Afghanistan. Speaking to RT, Michael Maloof said that ISIS-K were sending a message to the Taliban after claiming responsibility for a bombing at the Hamid Karzai International Airport. The death toll from yesterday’s Kabul airport attack increased to 170 – with US marines among the victims. 

The Kabul airport attack has prompted a bizarre and informal Taliban and US alliance in Afghanistan.

The long-time foes are understood to be cooperating with one another as President Joe Biden asked the US military to explore options for strikes against ISIS-K.

Mr Maloof said of the attack: “It is something ISIS has been working towards.

“They want to tell the Taliban, look you might think you run the government, but we are actually in charge.”

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The former Pentagon official continued: “There is a huge disconnect between the Taliban and ISIS. They do not like each other.

“ISIS is telling Taliban ‘You don’t run this country, we do. We run this country, or will soon’.”

“The Taliban will be unable to control ISIS attacks on US interests.

“The Taliban is more moderate than ISIS. The Taliban need recognition.

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“They need international funding, desperately. The US has cut off $10 billion of aid to Afghanistan. 

“ISIS are a common enemy for the Taliban and the US.”

RT host Rick Sanchez responded: “We were at war with the Taliban for 20 years and a week after we are done with the war, we are now siding with them against another enemy.”


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ISIS-K is the most extreme and violent of all the jihadist militant groups in Afghanistan.

The K stands for ‘Khorasan,’ which refers to a historical region covering parts of modern-day Afghanistan and Pakistan.

They have previously accused the Taliban of abandoning Jihad in favour of a negotiated peace deal with the US.

ISIS militants now represent a major security challenge for the incoming Taliban government.

Last week, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said: “No death will be caused to anyone outside of Afghanistan.

“We will not allow anyone to use Afghanistan against them.”

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