Covid 19 coronavirus: Historical case confirmed at Port of Tauranga

A person has tested positive for Covid-19 on a ship berthed at the Port of Tauranga.

Ports spokeswoman Rochelle Lockley said the crew member was tested several days ago and returned a positive result – but it was confirmed on Thursday as a historical case.

She said the person was not infectious.

As a result, the crew remain on the ship where they have been since arriving earlier this week.

“It’s a historical case on-board a vessel, not infectious, picked up through crew testing,” she said.

“They had their test taken, it was positive, and they did an investigation, and they said it was historical.

“The crew haven’t been off the ship, so no reason to be concerned.”

Lockley said there have been several historical cases picked up through crew testing at the port.

It is understood the crew member is on the Pan Gloris, a cargo ship that arrived from Indonesia on Monday.

The ship is due to leave for Wellington on Sunday, but it is unclear if that will happen.

It is understood a message has been sent to workers advising them of the positive result and that PPE was recommended.

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