Controversial YouTuber arrested after showing clip of ‘teen being gang raped’

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A YouTube star has been arrested over child pornography charges after showing her followers a video of a teenager reportedly being gang-raped.

Yoss Hoffman – who goes by the name “YosStop” on YouTube – has been held in Mexico City after broadcasting the footage of sexual assault.

She is accused of using the video of the 2018 attack to shame the victim, leading to a campaign of harassment.

A report in El País said the 30-year-old had displayed the footage on a phone during one of her YouTube videos and had blamed the victim – who was 16 at the time – for the attack.

In the video that has since been deleted, Hoffman claimed: “That woman let them stick a bottle of Moët in her vagina for three packs of cigarettes.

“Then this woman got all popular for being such a s**t.”

The victim of the attack filed a gang-rape complaint earlier this year against four men following the incident in 2018. As part of her complaint, she alleged that the men, Hoffman and a friend had footage of the assault.

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The victim has needed therapy to overcome her ordeal and alleges she has been the target of harassment following Hoffman’s YouTube broadcast.

After Hoffman showed the footage on her channel, which has nearly nine million subscribers, the video reportedly found its way onto porn sites.

Hoffman is the only person to have been charged over the attack and faces up to 14 years behind bars if she is found guilty.

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The YouTuber has fought back via social media.

She wrote: “They have tried to involve me in an offence that I never committed. But I fully trust in the truth and in common sense.

“As I have said in many of my videos, allegations should serve as a tool of citizen empowerment. Unfortunately, I find myself involved in an issue that has nothing to do with me. But I hope that everything is cleared up and resolved soon.”

But the victim’s lawyer told El País that Hoffman had committed a crime.

“The mere fact that she stored or played that content constitutes a child pornography offence,” the lawyer said.

“And she herself shows the camera the screen of her cellphone with the video of the rape on it.”

Hoffman’s brother Ryan is also a popular YouTube star.

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