Coked-up dad threatened to shoot pubgoers and pulled toy gun out ordering kebab

A lout threatened to shoot fellow pubgoers and pulled out a toy gun while ordering a doner kebab after a wild cocaine and lager binge, a court heard.

Jack Higson, 28, threatened to shoot punters in the New Grove pub in Whitefield after becoming embroiled in a "who's the strongest" row, a court heard.

He threw a punch at a man as they "compared muscles" and then threatened to blow up the pub with a gas cylinder, Manchester Evening News reported.

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Higson then continued his rampage in the Bits 'n' Pizza takeaway where he was about to order a large doner kebab.

He pulled a toy gun from his waistband, pointed it at a customer and told him "give me the f***ing money". He eventually fled empty handed after smashing a monitor from the till on the floor.

The dad-of-one was arrested later after staff at the takeaway called police and gave them his name. It emerged he had got drunk with his friends after his girlfriend refused to accompany him home following a day out.

"As a friend tried to calm him down, the defendant tried to punch the man he was arguing with but fortunately missed in his intoxicated state," the prosecution explained.

"Whilst the defendant did not actually reveal the imitation firearm whilst inside the pub, he kept reaching for his waistband, where it was concealed, and even threatened to shoot the same man he was arguing with."

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Ms Boocock added: "He then picked up a gas cylinder as he was standing next to the bar and threatened to blow up the pub."

It was reportedly taken off him before he was chucked out.

He then caused a scene before heading to the takeaway, a court heard.

"The defendant withdrew the imitation firearm from his waistband, held it up against the customer's nose and shouted 'give me the f***ing money, give me the till'," prosecution explained.

He then demanded money from staff before wrecking the till and leaving, the court heard.

Higson admitted affray, possession of an imitation firearm and attempted robbery. He was jailed for three years and two months at court yesterday (March 15).


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