City snowplows to receive first-ever NYPD escort during storm: de Blasio

Make way for the NYPD snow patrol!

Plows clearing city streets during Monday’s snowstorm will have a police escort for the first time to ensure access to hard-to-reach corridors, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced.

“One of the things we’ve learned from past storms is that our Sanitation plows need to get where the need is greatest, and sometimes they can’t do that alone,” said Hizzoner in a press briefing at the Office of Emergency Management headquarters in Brooklyn.

“So from now on, the NYPD will be escorting Sanitation plows when necessary to get them through,” de Blasio said. “If there is a traffic jam up and we need the plows to get where the problem is greatest, NYPD is going to lead the way.”

Police escorts will be deployed as needed, rather than escorting each of the city’s hundreds of plows, officials said.

The measure was devised in a multi-agency brainstorming session following a wind-whipped November 2018 storm that crippled parts of the city, officials said, noting that plows getting hemmed up in traffic contributed to the breakdown.

The five boroughs are set to be blanketed with an average of 2–4 inches of snow when a steady rain crystallizes into flakes Monday afternoon.

But that total could hit 5–8 inches in the city’s northern stretches, de Blasio said.

Hizzoner earlier on Monday urged New Yorkers to take the storm “seriously” and stick to mass transit if possible.

That’s both for their own good and to clear the way for the 700 salt spreaders and 1,500 plows rolling out onto city streets.

A first wave of snow was expected to coat New York on Sunday, but it largely fizzled into freezing rain.

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