Children's sketches of hit-and-run driver released by German police

Sketches of a hit-and-run suspect drawn by six-year-old witnesses are sent out by German police in bid to find driver

  • Six-year-old students witnessed a car crash in German city of Hamm last week
  • Luisa, Romy, Celina and Luis saw black car crash through a barrier and drive off 
  • When they got to school, they told their teacher who informed the police 
  • Two children drew pictures of the crash, which are now part of investigation 

Police in Germany have released sketches drawn by two six-year-old children as part of a hit-and-run investigation. 

Officers are hunting the driver of a black car – described as a woman with short blonde hair – who crashed through a barrier in the city of Hamm last week. 

The crash was witnessed by four schoolchildren waiting to cross the road – Luisa, Romy, Celina and Luis – two of whom drew pictures of the incident.

Police in Germany hunting a hit-and-run driver who failed to stop after hitting a barrier have released sketches done by children who witnessed it (the crash as drawn by Celina, age six)

One drawing – by Celina – shows the four children waiting at a traffic light alongside an accompanying adult as the car goes past. 

She has included the snapped barrier, which is lying at the side of the road, along with some clouds in the sky.

In a second image – drawn by Luis – a black car with a woman inside can be seen driving past a shocked witness. 

The witness also appears to be holding a gun and shooting at the car, which can perhaps be put down to artistic licence on Luis’s part. 

Police thanked the children for their efforts, and said the images have been placed on file while the crime is investigated. 

Officers say they are looking for a blonde woman with short hair driving a black car who hit the barrier around 8.40am on November 11 in the city of Hamm (as rendered here by Luis, age six)

A police spokesman said the accident happened around 8.40am on November 11 as the children were on their way to school.

As they were waiting to cross the street, a car turned left but hit a barrier, part of which snapped off. Instead of stopping, the driver kept going.

The children arrived at school and informed their teacher, who called district police.

Officers later arrived at the school to speak with the children, when they were presented with the sketches.

The children ‘deserve special praise’, officers said afterwards.

Anyone with information about the crash is asked to contact police in Hamm on 02381 916-0 or to email [email protected] 

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