Child cage fighting club in front of baying adults is smashed by US cops

THIS is the shocking moment a pair of schoolboy cage fighters traded blows in an illegal US childfighting ring.

Sickening undercover footage shows the boys punching each other in full boxing gear in a makeshift ring outside a pizza shop.

Investigators wired themselves with hidden cameras after flyers for the fights started circulating around Maricopa County, Arizona.

They advertised fights at high schools, hotels, and even a pizza carpark.

Francisco Meneses, Executive Director of the Arizona Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts Commission raged: "It was alarming, there is no safety procedures in place there.

"So, if these two young kids get hurt, the risk is high."

Alleged organisers Roland Sarria and Todd Whitmoyer were charged with failing to provide a licensed doctor, not having a police officer on site, no proof of insurance, no license, and failing to conduct medical exams prior to the matches.

Meneses added: "Those steps ensure that if something does go wrong, that a fighter has the best possible care they can get instantly until we can get them to a hospital."

MMA instructor Alex Coronado, who fought with Sarria for several years, said: "You’ve got to be careful with that stuff.

"There are so many liabilities that come with that, especially he should know he’s been in the game for a long time."

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