Cartel boss’ girlfriend whose saucy nip slip mugshot broke internet is arrested

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A drug cartel leader's busty girlfriend has been arrested after finding fame on Instagram.

Ivone Macedo Barrón, 32, is one of the country's infamous "narcoinfluencers" – the wives and girlfriends of cartel members who love showing off their wealth on Instagram.

Called "The Union Brides", their lingerie and loot pics have caused controversy for glorifying crime in the drug war-ravaged country.

Her police mug shot included a nip-slip which has helped propel her to even greater fame with the image being shared thousands of times in Mexico.

Barron's boyfriend is Fernando Antonio Lince Velázquez, 28, – known as “El Chato”.

He is allegedly a regional head of the Union Tepito criminal cartel which controls Mexico City.

The gang has been blamed for countless murders in the drug-ravaged country, and copies its rivals in hanging dismembered bodies of rival gang members from road bridges as a warning to others.

By 2017 it was so violent and dominant that city residents formed a vigilante group, Fuerza Anti-Unión, to combat it, but this has now grown into another cartel, leading to even more bloodshed in the city.

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Ivone and her boyfriend – who has also appeared on Instagram showing off plastic surgery he has had done – were arrested during a targeted police operation for allegedly distributing drugs to be sold in nightclubs and bars.

Police seized 106 bags of marijuana, 42 packages of cocaine, a gray car they were travelling in as well as a large amount of cash.

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Another 'influencer' Gaby Castillo, 26, whose lingerie clad Instagram posts helped her get 763,000 followers, was also recently arrested in a stolen car laden with packets of coke and weed.

She was previously romantically linked to the supposed head of Union Tepito, Oscar Andres Flores Ramirez (known as El Lunares), who is currently serving 20 years for for murder, organized crime and selling drugs.

The popularity of such influencers has helped create the "buchona" fashion look – typified by heavy make-up, surgically-enhanced voluptuous bodies, tight clothing and straight, long hair.

The "Queen" of the movement is recognised as Emma Coronel Aispuro, wife of deposed Sinaloa cartel leader Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. She is currently serving three years in prison for drugs offences.

El Chapo, one of the world's most powerful drugs lords, is serving life plus 30 years in prison.

Drugs wars between cartels and the authorities have killed hundreds of thousnds of people in the last few years

Another famous "buchona" was Claudia Ochoa Felix, who was allegedly linked to an assassination squad within the Sinaloa cartel, and she also had hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers. She died of a drugs overdose in 2019.

It is not yet known when Ivone will appear in court.

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