'Callous' thieves ransack 94-year-old's home stealing his pension money and car just days before Christmas

THIEVES ransacked a 94-year-old man's home, stealing his wallet, pension money and car, just days before Christmas.

The 'callous' burglars smashed their way into Edwin Green's house in Horden, Co Durham, in the early hours of Tuesday.

The pensioner woke at 5am to find his living room light was mysteriously on.

Edwin, known as Ted, shouted downstairs and the burglars fled.

They made off with cash, other valuables and his car keys, leaving windows smashed and belongings "flung all over".

His daughter, Sandra Hawkins, 54, told The Sun: "We are absolutely devastated.

"How someone can do this to a vulnerable 94-year-old is beyond me."

Ted's grandson Jordan Ferri said: "He's an absolute gent and has always helped people and still always tries to now at his age, and for something like this to happen isn't on.

"No one should go to bed in fear, especially the vulnerable. I doubt he’ll ever be peaceful in his house again… pure scum."

A fundraising page has been set up to cover the costs of repairs to Ted's house and help get him back on his feet.

So far it has raised more than £18,000 – well over the £1,000 target.

Sandra said on Facebook on Tuesday: "As many of you will know my dad's house was broken in to in the early hours of this morning.

"How someone can do this to a vulnerable 94-year-old is beyond me.

"I would like to thank each and every one of you who have made donations and sent gifts and supported us today.

"This has absolutely blown myself and my family away with your generosity.

"If I could thank each and everyone of you personally, I would. Thank you so much everyone."

How someone can do this to a vulnerable 94-year-old is beyond me.

Photos of the aftermath were tweeted by Ted's neighbour Declan O'Neil.

He said: "My vulnerable 94-year-old neighbour was robbed last night.

"Robbers took his wallet, pension money, car and house keys and trashed his home just before Christmas.

"If anyone would kindly donate and retweet this to help get him back on his feet, it would be greatly appreciated."

Durham Police say they have arrested four people, two 25-year-olds, a 26-year-old and a 45-year-old, in connection with the burglary.

Detective Inspector Gareth Hodgson, of Peterlee CID, said: "Burglary is never acceptable, but a burglary committed against an elderly, vulnerable member of our community so close to Christmas is particularly callous."

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