Brits aren’t isolating when Track and Trace flags they’ve been exposed to Covid

The boss of NHS Test and Trace has told how around 20,000 people a day are not self-isolating when they should be.

Baroness Dido Harding made the startling revelation to the Science and Technology Committee.

She told roughly 20% of people who test positive for coronavirus or come into contact with someone who has are not staying at home.

The baroness explained this equates to around 20,000 people a day, and blamed financial support for people not sticking to the rules when told to self-isolate.

She admitted there were "a lot of caveats" which explained the figure and said a lack of financial support was a reason for why people were breaking the rules.

Conservative MP Jeremy Hunt quizzed her on whether the Government should "offer simple salary replacements" to "help people quarantine without money worries" .

The Baroness dismissed the suggestion, saying "financial incentives" might not encourage the right behaviour and could have "unforeseen consequences".

She said: "Well this is a policy area that is not directly in the control of NHS Test and Trace, but I think you have to think very carefully when you put financial incentives in place to make sure it drives the right behaviour rather than unforseen consequences."

She also insisted the issue was ‘more complex’ than Mr Hunt was describing it as.

The Test and Trace boss told Mr Hunt the issue was ‘more complex’ than he was making it out to be.

He then claimed the current system is driving the wrong behaviour.

But the Baroness hit back, saying 80% of people were doing as they were told

But Jeremy was unperturbed and responded with figures she had previously cited.

He added: "In the end thousands of people every day [not self-isolating] is enough to restart the pandemic."

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