Britain will be hotter than Portugal this weekend before miserable washout ahead

Sizzling temperatures will melt Brits this weekend – with the UK weather forecast set to be hotter than Lisbon.

Sun worshippers will be able to bask in highs of 24C as the final heat blast of the summer is swept away in "blustery winds" and showers next week.

Temperatures are set to take a dive in a matter of days, spiraling to below-average for this time of year, and will take weeks to reach average levels, according to the Met Office.

September is on track for the warmest on record, the weather agency has said, and the highlights of this weekend will prove that theory.

Sweltering temperatures of 23C will reach areas in the east and southeast on Saturday, with some hotspots enjoying 24C on Sunday.

Lisbon in Portgual will only see 22C in comparison, making the UK hotter than one of the most popular holiday destinations for Brits.

The hot spells of weather will be short-lived as the autumnal conditions creep in with cooler temperatures.

Jonathan Vautrey, Met Office forecaster, warned the chillier weather will blast Brits from Monday.

He told The Sun: “This will make its way eastwards through Monday which will bring an autumnal feel with it.

“That will bring in a cooler and fresher feel.”

It comes as the mini-heatwave moving across the UK could stretch for a few more days, initially believed to only last three in total.

Last weekend, the country enjoyed mercury hotter than the south of France, despite the recent torrential downpours and flash-flooding over recent weeks.

Brits were also lashed with heavy downpours and storms in August and July, with some dubbing it the 'washout summer' – however, the Met Office says we've had some of the best weather compared to recent years.

Last month it was reported there may be a heat blast sparking a glorious ten-day heatwave this month, however, the weather has shifted and it appears it's no longer the case.

Instead, a shorter hot spell has graced the UK with sun-seekers lapping up every inch of Vitamin D they can absorb.

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