Boris Johnson holds European Super League crisis summit after Big Six breakaway clubs 'sign 23-YEAR deals'

BORIS Johnson today held a crisis summit with football bosses over the European Super League – after it was reported the clubs have ALREADY signed 23-long contracts.

The PM will gathered representatives from footie governing bodies and fans groups together to work out how to block the top clubs from breaking away.

Six of Britain's top clubs are forming a super league of 12 European heavyweights – which will radically alter the face of football as we know it.

But the PM, ministers, fans and the public have rounded on the plans, which will eliminate competition and generate extra cash for the top clubs.

As founding members, the top clubs would be guaranteed involvement every season for 23 years with huge financial gain while abandoning the English game.

Supporters, pundits and now footballers, including Liverpool's James Milner, have made their feelings clear that they do not want the Super League to go ahead – with the 12 owners chasing more money.

Yesterday the PM vowed to do all he could to stop it from going ahead, and will today meet with the Premier League, FA and other groups.

And in an op-ed with The Sun today, he promised fans he would do whatever he could to give the "ludicrous" new league a "straight red".

He said: "A year of empty stadiums has reminded us all that football without fans is an altogether more anaemic spectacle.

"It is your game – and you can rest assured that I’m going to do everything I can to give this ludicrous plan a straight red."


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Culture Sec Oliver Dowden insisted nothing was off the table – including banning foreign transfers or extra taxes.

Footie bodies have said the players might be banned from playing in the current leagues, or for representing their country too.

Earlier today UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin urged the bosses of England's 'Big Six' clubs who have signed up to the breakaway European Super League to "come to their senses".

It came as cracks started to appear in the plan today – with one Premier League club reported to be seriously considering pulling out after the furious backlash.

Meanwhile, Liverpool have cancelled an all-staff meeting scheduled for Tuesday to explain the club's ESL plans.

The remaining 'angry and dismayed' 14 Premier League clubs are meeting today to discuss how to deal with the other six – and could even order them to quit the division.

Politico's Alex Wickham reported that one of the group may try and get out of the deal, accusing breakaway leaders Liverpool and United of 'lying to them and f***ing up'.

Fans massively against ESL

A YOUGOV snap poll has revealed football fans are overwhelmingly against the proposed European Super League, see it is a huge money grab and will not watch the matches if it goes ahead…

· 79 per cent of football fans oppose the creation of European Super League, 68 per cent strongly oppose it; just 14 per cent support it

· Half of football fans (51 per cent) think ‘big six’ European Super League clubs should be kicked out of the Premier League; 55 per cent think they should face financial penalties; 32 per cent think they should face points deductions; 22 per cent think they should be stripped of existing domestic titles; only 10 per cent think there should be no punishments whatsoever

· 75 per cent say they are not interested in watching the ESL when it begins

· Just 3 per cent say the formation of ESL was driven by fans’ desire; 89 per cent say it was driven more by financial gain

· 75 per cent say clubs down the football pyramid will suffer financially from the ESL formation; only 7 per cent think they will benefit

· 73 per cent think football club owners should face punishments; 51 per cent want to see clubs themselves face punishments

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