Bloke terrorised by rats running over his head and dragging nappies into garden

A housing tenant claims his life has been made miserable by rats “running around above his head” as he tries to sleep at night.

Stephen Haddock, 40, from Anfield in Liverpool, says rats drag rubbish from the alleyway into his garden and enter through a hole at the back of his rented house in Liverpool.

And the sound of them running around in the roof above his head keeps him awake at night.

But despite reporting the issues to landlords Riverside Housing, he claims he has been “fobbed off” for months.

Stephen told the Liverpool Echo: "It makes me not feel safe in my home, which is horrible, it makes me not want to be here."

He claims rubbish from the alley behind his house has been dragged under the back gate, which he has been unable to open for months.

He added: "It looks like the rats are dragging all horrible stuff into my yard, I've had dirty nappies and horrible bits of food appear."

The housing company said workers have visited the property previously and have been unable to gain access.

Stephen admitted to the Echo that he lost his temper when a housing officer did visit because he felt he was being blamed for problems that were out of his control.

Peter Yoh, Riverside’s Head of Social Housing for Liverpool City Region, said: “Although it is Mr Haddock’s responsibility to keep his own rear outdoor space clear of rubbish which prevented the gate being fixed, we cleaned it up so that the work could be carried out and sheet metal will be installed at the bottom of his gate to prevent rodents getting through.

“We are also working closely with the Liverpool City Council to provide bins in the rear alley to stop bin bags being left out and tackle the fly tipping that is attracting rats to nest in the area.

“Environmental Health are also bringing forward their sewer baiting programme for this area.

“Sadly Mr Haddock’s behaviour towards our housing officer has delayed matters including preventing our pest control contractor to gain access to his property on one occasion.

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“Now moving forward, we are working with him to get the rat problem resolved as quickly as possible, along with agreeing actions to take, his responsibilities, behaviour and expectations going forward.”

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