Big Baps cafe boss says ‘I’m not homophobic – but doggers’ lube is everywhere’

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The owner of Big Baps Cafe has been hit with accusations of being homophobic following her speaking out about a dogging hotspot near her business.

Sharon Wherrett, who co-owns the cafe at Junction 25 near Brighouse, faces claims she is homophobic after objecting to the male dogging site.

The 51-year-old and her sister Amanda Bissett, 53, have been running Big Baps for three years but have been plagued by men allegedly having sex in the bushes.

Although they have spoken out about the dogging site, Sharon said the main issue they have with it is the amount of ‘sex litter’ left in the surrounding area.

There are said to be used condoms, packaging, and lubricants left all over the ground.

Speaking to YorkshireLive, Sharon said: "They think that we're stupid and that we don't know, they might as well come in and say 'I know I'm dogging, you know I'm dogging, can I come in after for a sausage sandwich?' And the answer would be, yes you can."

She added: "We would serve anybody in here, if they came in we would probably mother them a bit and tell them 'don't go down there dogging, have some self-respect'."

After being hit with the allegations of being homophobic, Sharon revealed her teenage son is gay and she even tells off any customers that say derogatory comments about the men.

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She most recently had a customer call them “bloody poofters” and told him if her son was here, the customer would have been thrown out of the cafe.

Sharon also mentioned families go for a walk in the woods and she feels the need to warn them about the dogging site.

She said: “If a family come in and want to go for a walk down the woods, I have to tell them 'no it's a male dogging spot' and if they start with homophobic comments, I have to say to them 'please don't speak like that'.

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"It causes conflict and aggression and I don't come to work for that."

Two men, who seemed to engage in activities close to the cafe, claim the site is a popular gay haunt.

One of the men called the owners "selfish" and the use of the layby was not just for her customers.

He also dismissed that the area was for "dogging" and insisted it is "men meeting men for sex".

Police have confirmed they are investigating the site following the concerns raised.

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