Biden's Afghanistan exit leaves '32 California students & a TODDLER' stranded as school officials beg for their return

MORE than 30 students and a three-year-old boy from California are stranded in Afghanistan – and school officials are begging for their return.

Most of the students, from preschoolers to high schoolers, were in Afghanistan on summer break visiting relatives and were caught in the chaos of the Taliban takeover of the country, according to their school districts.

The toddler, born near Sacramento, and his social worker father are currently trying to escape the country, as reported by KGO-TV, which didn't name them for their safety.

Veterans Advocate James Brown told the local news outlet that he received a call on Sunday from an active duty Marine Corps officer who was desperate to help the family get out of Afghanistan.

The three-year-old, his father, and other relatives reportedly used a letter from California Representative Jackie Speier to try to get to the Kabul airport, but the Taliban stopped them and severely beat the family, according to reports.

The 32 students in California belong to the San Juan Unified School District near Sacramento and the Cajon Valley Union School District, outside of San Diego areas with a large population of Afghan descent.

Twenty-nine of them are from the San Juan Unified School District, which told Newsweek they are working closely with state officials and providing them information about the students.

The district had previously told The Sacramento Bee they believed as many as 150 of their students were stranded in Afghanistan.

About one out of every nine Afghans in the US live in the Sacramento area, according to the newspaper.

Cajon Valley spokesperson Howard Shen told Fox News the district was looking for other ways to rescue the last family out because airlifting them "is no longer an avenue."

"One family with three students was left behind in Afghanistan, and we are exploring strategies to rescue and bring them home," the district said.

The students and the three-year-old boy are some of the hundreds of American citizens left behind after the final US military evacuation from Kabul on Monday.

Meanwhile, thousands of Afghans have fled hundreds of miles across the desert in a biblical-style exodus to escape the ruthless rule of the Taliban, who have been mocking the West by holding fake funerals for British, American, and Nato forces with flags draped over coffins.

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