Biden slammed over weak US jobs report as GOP House leader McCarthy says prez is 'paying people not to work'

TOP GOP lawmakers stomped all over President Joe Biden’s May jobs report, blaming his blank checkbook policies for keeping Americans at home instead of punching the clock at the workplace. 

“Another bad jobs report—100,000 fewer jobs added than experts estimated,” Minority Whip Steve Scalise tweeted. “This is what happens when you pay people not to work.”

The Department of Labor announced on Friday that the country added 559,000 jobs, but came short of the 671,000 economists’ forecasts.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy called out the president’s support for a weekly unemployment benefit of $300, giving Americans an easy out to keep in the comforts of home over earning a paycheck. 

“Washington needs to stop paying people NOT to work,” he wrote on Twitter. “Bidenomics is bad for America.” 

The powerful Republican then retweeted a chorus line of fellow Republicans echoing Biden’s poor showing on the economy despite rolling out his $1.9 trillion relief package. 

“Instead of holding back our economy, we need to get gov't out of the way & incentivize a return to work,” Illinois Rep. Darin LaHood posted on his feed.

“The Biden admin. has stopped even trying to pretend like they care about the national debt,” South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace tweeted. 

“U.S. added 559,000 jobs in May, vs 671,000 estimate,” New York Rep. Elise Stefanik wrote on her Twitter account. “Yet again, President Biden’s jobs report misses the mark – further proof that the Democrats' socialist economic agenda DOES NOT WORK.”

Meanwhile, the president remained sunny about the results during a speech on Friday from Deleware’s Rehoboth Beach.  

“This is progress, historic progress,” he said. “Progress that’s pulling our economy out of the worst crisis it’s been in 100 years.

“America is finally on the move again.”

He pleaded for patience. 

“As we continue this recovery, we're going to hit some bumps along the way. You can't reboot the world's largest economy like flipping on a light switch.”

He also suggested the US was pulling out from the depths of darkness after over a year of death and disease.

He noted: “No other major economy in the world is growing as fast as ours, no other major economy is gaining jobs as quickly as ours and none of this success is an accident.”

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