BBC Weather warning: ‘Dangerously extreme’ heatwave to scorch Europe till Monday

BBC Weather forecaster Nick Miller warns most parts of Europe face dangerously high temperatures up until the end of the week. Most notably, west Europe will see the hottest temperatures with southern eastern areas seeing hot weather and some downpours. This surge of heat is expected to last into the next week as there are no new wet weather fronts expected to lower temperatures.

Mr Miller said: “More heat and for some extreme heat on the cards for western parts of Europe.

“Of course that comes with plenty of sunshine.

“There are no weather systems close by but we do have an area of low pressure with a few lingering storms as we look at the picture into Friday into southern parts of Italy, the Balkans and into Greece.

“Elsewhere, you can see that most places are going to be dry.”

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The BBC Weather forecaster went into details of how extreme the heat in Spain, France the UK could get over the coming days.

He said: “This zone in western Europe is where we have got those higher temperatures.

“Places will be in the mid to upper 30s but some hotspots will be in the low 40s.

“There is some quite dangerous heat coming up in places.

“If you move the clock forward and into Saturday there is little change.”

In the southern eastern parts of Europe, there will be some rain however temperatures will still remain above 30C.

Mr Miller said: “With that weather system in the southeast more of Greece will be susceptible to some heavy downpours on Saturday

“It is still fringing towards the southernmost areas of Italy whereas to the north it is dry.

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“The odd shower and thunderstorm can’t be ruled out in this core of hot weather.

“Those temperatures will still very much be up there into Saturday.

“They may be down just a degree or two in the United Kingdom but not so much that people would notice.

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