BBC Weather: Mid-week heatwave to strike UK as mercury to near 86F degrees

BBC Weather forecasts a midweek rise in temperatures

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The drizzly northern weather front across the UK is set to shift as the nation can expect dry, sunny spells across the coming days. The BBC Weather forecast highlighted temperatures close to 30 degrees celsius anticipated for the middle of the week as the cloud, moving in from the north, steadily dissipates. Monday will initially present a cold and rather disappointing start to the week but, come Tuesday and Wednesday, conditions are set to pick up considerably with “a lot of sunshine around.”

Unfortunately, the mid-week heatwave may not stick around for the coming weekend, as an approaching weather front risks a return of the recent humid yet drizzly conditions.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Carol Kirkwood said: “We’ve got this cloud coming in, it’s a weather front, and eventually it will bring some rain into the outer Hebrides and also the Northern Isles.”

Concerning the beginning of the week, Ms Kirkwood added: “Temperatures today widely in the high teens or low twenties.

“That weather front will slip southwards and eastwards through the course of the night, and some of this rain on it will be heavy for a time. 

“Then, it will weaken as it pushes down across the borders and into Northern Ireland.”

As the northern weather front begins to move southwards, the ferocity of the showers will largely fade and the cloud will begin to break.

The meteorologist said: “It’s not going to be as cold a start to the day tomorrow either. 

“The cloud is breaking across parts of eastern Scotland and that could trigger the odd shower.

“But, a lot of dry weather, a lot of sunshine around and temperatures up to about 26 degrees.”

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Ms Kirkwood outlined a further rise in temperatures as the forecast shifted towards Wednesday’s conditions.

“We’re going to start to feel a bit more humid as well and you can see breezy conditions across the northwest.

“In the south, it’s still a lot of clear blue skies, and it is getting hotter.

“We can see 28, possibly even 29 degrees, as a high as we push down towards the London area, but widely, we’re looking at the low to the mid-twenties.”

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She continued: “As we head in towards the latter part of the week, still a lot of hot and sunny weather to be had.

“But, once again, as we head towards the end of the week, it turns more unsettled, more of us will see some rain.”

Despite a significant rise in temperature towards a scorching 29 degrees on Wednesday, Ms Kirkwood suggested the conditions over the weekend remained far more unpredictable.

In addition to the rising midweek mercury, the weather forecast warned of particularly high pollen levels set to continue throughout most of the week.

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