BBC Weather: Europe ‘bitterly cold’ after showers and storms bring cold air into continent

BBC Weather: Europe set for cold temperatures and showers

Stav Danaos stated that the cold air has been pushed towards the eastern Mediterranean. The BBC Weather meteorologist added that bands of rain across the northeast of Europe will turn to snow.

Mr Danaos said: “We have seen a lot of snow across Greece and the Balkans into Turkey, very strong winds have made it feel bitterly cold.

“That cold air has been pushing its way eastwards towards the eastern Mediterranean.

“We have seen a drop in temperature in Cyprus as well after some heavy showers and storms today.

“Bands of rain pushing in from the west will be turning into snow across the northeast of Europe, where it will stay very cold.

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“But it is much milder towards the British isles, those temperatures will be a little bit above the seasonal average.

“There will be quite a lot of wind and rain affecting the northwest of Europe.

“But with that southwest wind comes the mild air.”

On Tuesday morning, BBC Weather’s Carol Kirkwood that rain will clear across the UK through the evening and overnight.

BBC Weather: UK to be hit by strong winds and heavy rain

Ms Kirkwood said: “Through this evening and overnight, we eventually see the tail end of that rain clear, the showers pushed over towards the east.

“Then there’s a dry spell before the next weather front comes in from the west bringing in yet more rain and, again, this will be heavy and it will still be windy.

“Not a particularly cold night but a little bit colder than it is now.

“As we head through tomorrow, that band of rain moves over from the west towards the east.

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“There’s a curl coming into southern England and the Channel Islands, that will move a little bit further north through the course of the day.

“Showers in the west but, elsewhere, it should be largely dry but still very windy, especially across the northwest.”

BBC Weather’s long-range outlook warns of a “very cold easterly blast” during the first week of March.

The BBC outlook from March 1 states: “We expect the colder, more blocked weather pattern with abundant high pressure to stick around for at least the first week of March.”

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